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Battery Backup Power Pure Sine Wave Supplies

Battery Backup Power, Inc Has Dropped All Non-Sine Wave Uninterruptible Power Supplies From Its Product Offering To Ensure Compatibility With Energy Efficient Electronics

Battery Backup Power, Inc.  in Costa Mesa, California has dropped all non-sine wave uninterruptible power supplies from its product offering to ensure compatibility with the growing number of energy efficient electronics being sold in the U.S. “This decision has not come lightly,” says co-owner Ross Modglin. “Stepped approximation to a sine wave and simulated sine wave uninterruptible power supplies are significantly less expensive than pure sine wave models, but they may not work with newer energy efficient electronic devices commonly plugged into the back of an uninterruptible power supply.” Ross estimates that 80% of all consumer uninterruptible power supplies still sold in the United States are stepped approximation to a sine wave, simulated sine wave, or some variation that is not a pure sine wave due to their low cost, and lack of consumer knowledge on the topic. “The electronics you buy in the store are designed to work with a wall socket that provides a pure sine wave. When we sell an uninterruptible power supply to a customer, I feel that customer is trusting me with their electronics. I am not going to sell them something that may not work with or could even damage a device they plug into it 6 months from now,” Ross went on to say.

Battery Backup Power, Inc. sells uninterruptible power supplies for the home, business, lab environment, medical, and other specialty fields. Home and business models can be purchased directly from their online store . They offer a free service via email (sales(at)batterybackuppower(dot)com ) or on an online form where they match equipment specification sheets and site preparation sheets to the right size and type of uninterruptible power supply recommended.

Article Source: PRWeb


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