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Best 220V Electrical Outlet Tester Under $15

Check 48V-250V, GFCI socket trip

Get a universal voltage electrical socket / outlet tester that handles 48V to 250V. These are essential for testing 220V dryer / utility plugs when you suspect an electrical issue. With a built in GFCI Tester, you can check out all of the plugs in your house, including the 110V. The Taiss TA106B is under $15 and has everything a homeowner needs.

Taiss TA106B 48V-250V Outlet Test – about $14

One thing to like about this electric socket tester is that it’s easy to hold – measuring 2.9 inches on a side, you can get a grip on it. This is important when you have some tight electrical outlets, and really need to pull on a plug or tester to get it out.

With a large area, it’s also easy to read the LED indicator lights. There are 7 labeled patterns to let you know how the outlet is wired and working:

  • Correct
  • Open Ground
  • Open Neutral
  • Open Live
  • Live/Ground Reverse
  • Live/Neutral Reverse
  • Live/Neutral Reverse, missing Ground

GFCI Outlet Tester 48-250V TaissThe red LEDs are bright enough to read outside, and the tester has built-in back-lighting so you can also use it in dim / dark areas (although we strongly advise always having good lighting when working with any electricals).

We also like the LCD display to tell you the line voltage you are measuring. This is great for troubleshooting electrical problems like under-voltage and over-voltage. Most testers just indicate power, or lack of, so this extra feature is quite helpful.

The other nice feature is the GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) Test Button. This lets you safely simulate a short circuit condition to verify that the GFCI outlet trips. It’s important to periodically test out your bathroom / kitchen / outdoor GFCI sockets to make sure they are functional properly. The mechanical parts inside can either wear out or get stuck, and these can also suffer from electrical degradation.

These testers come with a 2-year manufacturers warranty.

If your house only has 110V plugs, you may want to consider the Sperry Instruments GFI6302 GFCI Outlet / Receptacle Tester (about $7), and read our review Best 110V GFI/GFCI Electrical Outlet Tester .

Another option is to get the universal electrical outlet / receptacle / socket tester along with a non-contact voltage tester “pen”. The Taiss combo-kit for both items is good deal for about $25.

For more information, or to order the tester, please use our Amazon link: Taiss TA106B 48V-250V Outlet Test

Always remember when dealing with electricity – Safety First!

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