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Best 5 Audio Tech Gifts For 2020

Bluetooth headphones, speakers, soundbars and more!

Now is the time to start shopping for the coolest tech gadgets gifts. Keep in mind that for Amazon and other online retailers, you should order by December 14th to make sure the packages arrive by Christmas. Here are 5 audio favorites for kids, teens, adults and the whole family with the most popular gifts starting under $25.

JBL Flip 5 Bluetooth Speaker

JBL’s “Flip” line of portable, waterproof Bluetooth speakers continue to top our list of the best Bluetooth speakers you can buy. Lightweight, with rubber end caps, you can take these anyplace you want some music – hiking, the beach or in the backyard. The Flip-5 with a carrying case is $99, and the stand-alone Flip-4 is just $79.

Visio V Series Soundbar Speakers

Any flat-panel TV is going to sound better when you pair it with a soundbar. But you don’t have to drop alot of cash to get a great audio experience. Check out one of our favorites from Vizio: The “V-Series” a new-for-2020 soundbar with stereo speakers and dual-subwoofer combo. Amazon is selling out fast on these $125 Vizio 2.1 M-Series All-in-One Home Theater Sound Bar (M21D-H8) .

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Sony Bluetooth Headphones

For gaming, music or personal audio when binge-watching your favorite shows it’s hard to beat noise-cancelling headphones that automatically adjust to their sound to what’s going on around you. Our top favorite, and a great alternative to the Bose QC, the new WH-1000XM4 from Sony are simply amazing wireless Bluetooth headphones (about $275).

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Puro Labs Kids Headphones

Not all headphones are created equal, especially when it comes to kids. For the younger ears, you need to be extra careful about protecting them from excessive noise. That’s where these awesome Puro Sound Labs BT2200s Bluetooth headphones (about $85) come with built-in sound limiters are designed not to exceed volumes that would cause damage, while ensuring balanced sound and noise canceling to also deliver beautiful music to those young ears.

Crosley C6 Turntable

Now that you’ve got everything for listening, let’s get to a player. Vinyl is definitely making a come-back, and we’ve got a turn-table that sure to spin some heads. So get out all those LP records, and get ready to hear your music in a new analog way. A top pick from us, and from Amazon reviewers, is the 2-Speed Crosley C6 Turntable (about $145) is one of our top picks. It delivers modern turntable features with a classic look and feel.

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