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Best Deal on 1,000 Zip Tie Nylon Cables With Bonus

Get the best deal on Zip Ties (Nylon Cables) in 4-, 6-, 8-, 10- and 12-inch lengths. We found a 1,000 piece zip tie bundle of 200 (100 black, 100 white) for each of these common sizes. Making this even better, the top choice in our review comes with 50 pieces of cable tie mounting base and a cable cutter to trim off the ends. The bundle is about $15, with free delivery through Prime.

Zip ties are great for everything from keeping cables neat / bundled, holding up plants, securing pvc pipes / hoses, fastening automotive wires / harnesses, to more creative things like shoelace replacements, locking zippers on luggage, key rings and even flower arrangements (zip the stems together).

Zip Ties 1000 Pcs Nylon Cable Zip Ties with Self-Locking 4_6_8_10_12 Inch A

When duct tape just won’t do, it’s time to bring out the zip ties. I find these are great to have around, and with 200 of each common size, it’s not likely I’ll run out anytime soon. Although the search for new nylon ties was prompted by my using my last 10-inch tie for securing cables for pool equipment.

These ties are strong and don’t break. They are made of UL (Underwriters Laboratory, a safety organization) approved PA66 nylon material, and is resistant to both acid and corrosion.

The zip ties have a flammability  / fire rating UL94V-2 which is standard for these types of nylon ties.

These are good for both indoor and outdoor applications, being able to withstand temperatures ranging from 10F to 180F (-10℃ to 80℃). This also means you can use them in most automotive / vehicle applications.

Zip Ties 1000 Pcs Nylon Cable Zip Ties with Self-Locking 4_6_8_10_12 Inch BWe especially like the included cable mount bases. This makes it simple to run all the wires for our home electronics and for my computer / router / monitor.

The adhesive pad on the back holds firmly, but can also be removed without too much effort. The glue didn’t leave any residue and also didn’t peel off any paint (always a plus).

You get 25 of each color – Black and White.

Order through Amazon,  1,000 Count Zip Ties / Nylon Cables (about $15) with mounting bases and wire cable cutters.

Zip Ties AUSTOR 600 Pieces Colored AIf these are out of stock, or you need more colors, our second best Zip Tie deal is Austor’s 600 Pieces Colored Bundle (about $10).

You get a nice assortment of lengths in Orange, Yellow, Green, Red, White and Black.

  • 100 pcs x 4″ in orange
  • 100 pcs x 4″ in yellow
  • 100 pcs x 4″ in green
  • 100 pcs x 6″ in red
  • 100 pcs x 8″ in white
  • 100 pcs x 10″ in black

These are also made of 100% industrial strength PA66 nylon material, with UL certifications.

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