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Best Heated Jackets To Keep Warm In Polar Vortex

We review the best battery powered coats, jackets and puffers to keep warm when the temperatures drop. These include the ultra stylish Ralph Lauren “RL Heat”, super-tech machine learning enabled Ministry of Supply “Mercury”, hard-working Ravean and low-cost Orro.

Heated clothes are designed to give you a warmth boost in freezing cold, while also be being comfortable to wear to moderate temperatures without needing the battery heat.

Best Style – Ralph Lauren

If you are going for style, and want to still stay warm, then the jacket developed to keep the athletes warm at the winter Olympics may be the one for you. The “RL Heat” puffer in Glacier White, their top selling heated down jacket, around $900.

battery-heated-jacket-silver-polo-ralph-laurenThe jackets are stuffed with 750-fill-power white duck down. While the white and silver versions look a bit futuristic, the navy version is more contemporary.

The jacket is powered by a removable Mophie ultra-compact battery pack, connecting to the jacket wiring with a standard USB plug. Heating coils across the back and chest provide a good amount of warmth for even the coldest days.

Download the app and connect the jacket to you smart phone to easily adjust the heat settings.

High Tech – Ministry of Supply

The Mercury intelligent heated jacket , about $495, is a voice-controlled winter jacket that learns and automatically heats to each wearer’s optimal temperature. Unlike Ralph Lauren’s jacket, which requires you to manually adjust the heat setting, Ministry of Supply’s version uses machine learning to calculate your optimal setting by taking into account the speed you’re moving, your body temperature, and the outside temperature.

battery-heated-jacket-ministry-of-supplyYes, this jacket combines “wearables” and “Internet of Things” to a new personal level with embedded accelerometers and temperature sensors to warm up to the perfect amount. Much like a Nest thermostat, the jacket uses machine learning to adapt to the wearer’s preferences.

What’s really fun is the voice commands –  with a simple ‘Alexa, turn on my jacket,’ the lightweight, built-in heaters will warm up before you head out the door.

Another really cool tech feature is the jacket’s slim, nearly weightless battery in the front pocket also doubles as a wireless phone charger. Simply slide your Qi-enabled phone into the pocket and it’ll automatically charge.

Best Value – Ravean
The Down Heated Jacket about $300, is lightly water resistant and machine washable. The heating system is set to warm your back, chest, and pockets keeping you warm where you need it. With 150-gram down fill, it’s good for wearing even when the battery heat isn’t needed.

battery-heated-jacket-raveanOn the days your phone needs a little extra boost, you can recharge your mobile devices up to 4 times with the specially design curved battery (It fits under your arm on the side of your torso in a mesh pocket you’ll hardly even notice).

The jacket is designed to be comfortable in temperatures between -10° F (-23° C) to 55° F (12° C).

We like that Ravean took the effort to be environmentally friendly, and took extra steps in sourcing their down feathers. Ravean is certified to the RDS (Responsible Down Standard) to ensure that the waterfowl in the down supply chain are treated humanely.

Best Price – Ororo
Their Soft Shell Heated Jacket , at about $150, is one of the lowest priced battery heated jackets we found. One way they keep costs down is using a 100% Polyester soft shell fabric exterior with a light fleece lining.

Battery Heated Jacked Ororo Men's Soft ShellThe jacket is solid enough for water and wind resistance, which ensures you don’t lose any excess heat and enjoy comfortable warmth.

There are 3 heating settings (high, medium, low) that are selected with a button press.

The battery powers 3 carbon fiber heating elements to generate heat across core body areas (left & right chest, mid-back).

And you still get a USB port for charging your smart phone.

Overall, it’s a good jacket that provides a nice heat boost for up to 10 hours on a cold day.


Best Price – Ororo,  Soft Shell Heated Jacket about $150

Best Value – Ravean, Down Heated Jacket about $300

High Tech – Ministry of Supply, Mercury intelligent heated jacket about $495

Best Style – Ralph Lauren, RL Heat around $900

Whatever your budget or style, stay warm this winter!


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