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Best Interactive and Talking Toys

The number one talking toy is a talking hamster that records and repeats back what you say in a hamster voice. We review the best sellers of 2018, and revisit some old favorites (Teddy Ruxpin anyone?). Artificial Intelligence (AI) can give us so much more for interactive, talking toys!

Talking Hamster

Toy Talking APUPPY Mimicry Pet Talking HamsterOkay, this is about the cutest talking plush toy we’ve come across. We understand how this is a top seller, and expected to be one of the most requested kids gifts this Christmas.

It’s a simple concept, with a talk-back function that allows the hamster to repeat everything you say. But in a hamster voice.

And it bops its head up and down automatically while repeating what you said, and when you pat him.

This combination is what makes this such a great gift for kids, and was one of the few toys we found that did a good job of recording.

The hamster is about 6-inches tall, and uses 3-AAA batteries.

We recommend this for any children aged 4 to 10 years old. Selling for around $12 on Amazon, you might want to order your Pet Talking Hamster while supplies are plentiful.

Teddy Ruxpin

Toy Talking Teddy RuxpinFirst introduced in 1985, Teddy Ruxpin was the must-have toy for nearly two years. Then the company went bankrupt. Now, some 30 years later, Teddy is back and better than before thanks to the folks at “The Wicked Cool Toys”.

Teddy is a 14-inch animatronic bear, with electronic LCD eyes. The colorful eyes have 40 expressions, and his motorized mouth  moves whenever he speaks or sings (using TalkSync™ Technology). His paws are the controllers – kids can press to easily select a story and play or pause it.

The bear comes with 3 original stories (The Airship, All About Bears, and Captured by Mudblups), and there are currently 7 more you can order (he Missing Princess, Teddy Ruxpin’s Birthday, Teddy Ruxpin’s Christmas, Teddy Ruxpin Lullabies, Grubby’s Romance, The Day Teddy Met Grubby, and Wooly & The Wizard).

More stories are in development, and should be available around the holidays. Each story is about 5 minutes long, and you can read along on your smart device. You’ll need to download the free Teddy Ruxpin app, letting him connect to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

Powered with 4-AA batteries, you can get hours of continuous play before they need to be replaced.

Teddy is priced about the same in 2018 as the original, under $75, and you can order through Amazon – Teddy Ruxpin, Official Return of the Storytime and Magical Bear.

The Last Jedi: Porg Plush

Toy Talking The Last Jedi Life-Sized Interactive Action Porg PlushFor Star Wars fans, the latest addition to their growing line of toys is the Porg Plush. We really like how the Porg’s adorable wings flap, and its lips and head move while speaking “porg”.

The only downside was that he only knows three porg phrases. Oh well …

The Porg is about 8.5-inches tall (“life-sized”), and you activate it by squeezing it’s belly. The 3-AA batteries last a very long time, so you don’t need to worry about your Porg going quiet.

This plush toy is recommended for children ages 3+, as well as for adults that just want one!

For about $22 on Amazon you can have your own Life-Sized Interactive Action Porg Plush toy.

Star Wars Solo Movie: Chewbacca

Talking Toy Star Wars Solo Movie Chewbacca Interactive Walk N' RoarAnother Star Wars talking plush toy, is the 12-inch Chewbacca Interactive Walk N’ Roar. This Chewie  comes with a goggle mask from the Solo Movie.

Give him a squeeze, and he will walk on his own and make authentic Wookiee phrases and sounds.

We like that he’s able to walk without falling over (most of the time), and the noises are pretty good.

Note that the mask is sewn on, and that is the only “face” for this toy. There isn’t another Chewbacca face underneath, which was too bad.

This toy is reasonably priced around $25, and you can order through Amazon using Solo Movie Chewbacca .

Disney Moana: Hei Hei

Toy Talking Moana Hei HeiYou press Hei Hei’s left wing to get this rooster dancing, clucking and screeching.

A warning that this is one of the loudest talking toys we’ve come across. This can be great for the kids, but may make parents crazy after the 100th time.

Standing about a foot tall, Hei Hei runs on 3-AA batteries and outlasted us for talking and dancing.

We really like the bright colors – hey, it’s a Disney character!

Order a Moana Hei Hei for about $17 through Amazon.


These cute, cuddly toys are great. But we are still looking for more AI (artificial intelligence) embedded toys that can do more. We’ll update this list, and publish new articles, as we find more on the market.

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