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Best Laser Measure Tool For Home Users

Tacklife HD40 and HD60 measure up to 196 feet, compute area, volume, Pythagorean

No need for the metal tape! A laser measuring tool is great for distances over 15 feet, which are difficult to measure with a standard roll tape measure. It’s also much simpler to hold a laser measure against one wall, and have it give you the distance to the other. No need to move furniture out of the way. We review two laser measure from Tacklife, the HD60 (196-foot) and HD40 (131-foot).

Laser Measure Tacklife HD60The Tacklife HD60 and HD40 are basically the same device, with the difference that the laser strength and measuring electronics are enhanced in the HD60 to measure out to 196 feet (versus 131 feet for the HD40). The other difference is about $10 in price: around $38 for the HD60 and around $28 for the HD40.

Accuracy is 1/16-th of an inch. I can’t do better than that with my traditional metal tape measure, so no complaints here.

You can also switch between feet, inches and meters with the press of a button.

Laser measure can do a number of things that a standard tape measure can not. For example, you can easily get the area of a floor or wall by taking a measurement in one direction and then in another. The device does the math of multiplying the two distances for you. It’s great if you are trying to figure out how much flooring you’ll need, what size rug to get or how much paint for a wall.

Taking a third measurement will give you the volume of a space. This was useful in figuring out how much cement I needed for a pad for a shed, and for the dirt needed to fill a raised planter bed. While I could have easily taken the individual measurements and used the calculator on my phone to get the L x W x H multiplication, it was convenient to have the device do it for me. Especially since I didn’t have to do the feet-inches conversions at the start and end.

The Tacklife will also algebraic / Pythagoras theorem (e.g., a^2 + b^2 = c^2) to give you one leg of a triangle when you measure the other two. This is useful if you are trying to measure the height of wall. You first measure to the wall, parallel to the ground (this is the base of the triangle). Then take a second measurement at 45-degrees (the hypotenuse). The device gives you the height from these measurements.

Laser Measure Calculations

We like that there are 2 measurement / level bubbles that are easy to see. This is especially useful when measuring a long distance accurately. What you won’t find is a tri-pod mount screw hole in the base – these are on the more expensive professional grade devices. But we found that using the bubbles, and a steady hand, gave great measurements.

Tacklife also lets you select from two measuring / reference points – the front of the device, or the base. So if you want to hold the device against one wall, use the base starting point and it automatically includes the length of the device in the measurement.

The LCD is crisp and easy to read, with a back-light feature. It works well in sunlight outdoors, as well as in a dimly light closet or utility room. The size of the characters is also good for easy reading.

We like the layout of the 7-buttons, with the most often used “READ” button centered for easy thumb pressing. It’s nice that they made it a bright red so you can’t miss it.

Some users want to take a lot of measurements – Tacklife stores 30, and you can selectively delete a saved measurement with the “-” button or add a new one with the “+” button.

There is an audible for letting you know you’ve taken a measurement. You can adjust the volume, or turn the sound off completely if you want a quiet operation.

The black case with orange highlights is rated IP54 for water-proof and dust-proof levels. It comes with a convenient carry pouch, hand strap and AAA batteries.

A Laser Measure Tool is something every home owner should have, and we like these two from Tacklife.

You can use the links below for more information, or to order through Amazon:

Tacklife HD60 Laser Measure 196 Feet – about $38

Tacklife HD40 Laser Measure 131 Feet  – about $28

If the Tacklife is out of stock, or if you want to save a few bucks, take a look at the very similar “MorPilot” brand. These include a pair of red safety glasses (which are supposed to make it easier to see the laser light dot), and a laser range target. The MorPilot laser measure have one less button (missing the “+”) than the Tacklife which adds an extra step for the memory features.

Morpilot 196 Feet – about $34, includes glasses and target

Morpilot 131 Feet – about $26, includes glasses and target

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