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Best LED Camping Lamp

CyberDyer USB Rechargeable Light with 7800mAh powerbank

When the sun goes down you’ll want to light up your camping area, tent or car with our top pick LED camping lamp / lightstick from CyberDyer. You get your choice of three sizes – Compact (6.3″), Medium (9.8″), Large (11.8″) – starting under $20.

We like these lights for their multi-function lighting options. You get 3 white brightness levels, a red and blue SOS emergency strobe light, and a yellow “anti-mosquito” setting. The yellow puts out a good glow, which doesn’t attract insects like the the white light. And it can be used like a standard flashlight.

Camping Lantern, USB Rechargeable LED Camping Light, MultifunctionalThis camping light has a built-in Lithium-Ion battery that is USB rechargeable from any standard charger. Depending on which size you choose, you get 2600mAh, 5200mAh or 7800mAh of battery power. You can also use this as a power bank, making it an all-in-one device.

Another great feature we like is the IP68 Waterproof enclosure, which good for submersion to over 30 feet (10 meters). So no worries about using this in the rain, taking it boating or even using it for a water-buoy light. It also means that the dirt, dust and grime from the outdoors won’t ruin this LED lantern. You can simply hose it off when you get home!

The light stick comes with magnetic tabs on both ends, so you can easily attach this to a car hood or tailgate, or the side of an RV. It also has triangle metal clasp at the top that can be attached to the included lanyard to hang the light from your tent pole or a tree branch.

Another interesting feature CyberDyer added was an emergency glass-break punch, in case you need to break open a car window. This is basically a pointed metal cone at the base of the light, and when applying enough pressure to a safety glass, the glass will shatter so you can break it out. If you ever roll your car, especially into water, or lock your keys inside in the wilderness, this simple addition is great to have.

Expect to get about 20 to 30 hours of use (depending on the battery size, and light intensity), with a full recharge in 2 to 4 hours. CyberDyer rates the battery for 6,000+ hours of usage, taking into account typical charging/discharging cycles. They also offer a 12-month, 100% guarantee for their LED Camping Lamps.

Camping LED Lamp CyberDyer USB Rechargeable Camping Lantern Emergency SOS Travel FlashlightFor more details, pricing or to order, use our Amazon links:

CyberDyer LED Camping Lamp (Large, 11.8″, 7800mAh) – about $25

CyberDyer LED Camping Lamp (Medium, 9.8″, 5200mAh) – about $24

CyberDyer LED Camping Lamp (Compact, 6.3″, 2600mAh) – about $20

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