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Best Low Cost MicroSoft Office Alternatives 2019

Our top two MS Office alternatives start under $10, giving you cheap options for Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Draw and more. These are compatible with existing MS document formats, and can interchange easily. However, you won’t find an Outlook email alternative (free G-Mail can solve that).

The software from most vendors is based on a version developed from Apache, and is all open sourced under a general license. Unfortunately, the original Apache OpenOffice is no longer available on DVD, but we’ve found two options that are put together quite well.

Best Price – LibreOffice

The LibreOffice 2018 Software Office Suite ,about $10 for the DVD on Amazon, is amazingly affordable for this full complement of products. It comes with a lifetime license and no registration, activation or subscription is needed to use the software.

Office LibreOffice 2018 Software Office SuiteWe like that this will work on all recent versions of Windows (32-bit and 64-bit, from the current 10, down to older XP), macOS (10.6 and above) and Linux systems.

It also boasts 100% compatible with new Microsoft Office documents (e.g., Word, PowerPoint, Excel) and we didn’t find any issues with opening, editing and saving files.

The included software consists of:

  • Writer: Word processing just like Microsoft Word
  • Calc: An Excel alternative spreadsheet software
  • Draw: Vector-based drawing software to make your own graphics
  • Impress: PowerPoint alternative. Create stylish presentations
  • Base: Manage large amounts of data

LibreOffice also includes a bunch of bonus materials on the DVD:

  • Project Management Software: Get more done with this easy & fun task management productivity software.
  • Mind Mapping Software: Visualize your thoughts and ideas!
  • Money Management Software: Track expenses in your personal life or business.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts Guide: For Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac. Learn all shortcuts on your computer that will make working even faster.
  • Libre Office extensions (6 of these): Do more with your new favorite office software!
  • Premium Fonts Pack: Over 200 unique fonts.
  • Premium Clipart Pack: Over 1,000 Clipart images

The DVD also has a User Manual (400 pages worth) and a complete guide to using templates and extensions: It’s very informative and walks you through the details on how to download hundreds of templates. Most importantly, it tells you how install Libre Office if you run into any problems.

For about $10 on Amazon, it’s hard to not to like LibreOffice 2018 Software Office Suite

Best Alternative – OpenOffice

The OpenOffice Suite 2019 Premium Edition is about $13 through Amazon. Similar to LibreOffice, you get the MS Office alternative software programs for Word, Excel and PowerPoint. OpenOffice also has an unlimited license for private and business use. No registration, activation or subscription required.

Office OpenOffice Suite 2019 Premium EditionThe software works on PC with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP (32 and 64-bit versions).

We liked the install process was simple and fast. There weren’t any glitches that can sometimes hang up the computer, or having to install multiple times to get all the programs.

The user interface for the tools are familiar, and similar to what you’d find with the traditional MS Office suite.

Keep in mind that this software is pretty much identical across all the Apache variations that are out there. What you are getting by purchasing the DVD are the bonus materials, along with the physical disc.

Included on the DVD are the same programs as with LibreOffice:

  • Writer: Word processing program.
  • Calc: Complete spreadsheet analysis.
  • Base: Data files can be stored using the database system .
  • Impress: Create presentation slides as you would with PowerPoint.
  • Draw: The vector-orientated drawing program is ideal for organization charts and schedules.
  • Math: You will appreciate the formula editor, especially if you work with a lot of scientific texts.

Bonus Extras include 20,000 pictures and 1,000 fonts

Pick up the OpenOffice Suite 2019 Premium Edition , about $13 on Amazon

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