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Best Purse, Wristlet and Bag with Built-In Charger

Fashion meets technology with phone charging bags, purses and wristlets. Your phone gets a full charge while safely secured in one of these attractive carriers. The chargers are universal, and work with all iPhones, Androids and other devices. Here are the top picks for best in each category.

Charging Wristlet

Sakroots Artist Circle Charging Wristlet_2The $29.99 Sakroots Charging Wristlet is a lightweight but sturdy carrier. Made of a blend of coated canvas and polyester, the exterior keeps moisture from coming in. The inside polyester lining won’t scratch your screens, and doesn’t snag. A zipper closure keeps everything secure and your items from falling out. This charging wristlet includes a 2500mah detachable rechargeable battery pack, which is enough to charge your phone up to one full battery. It is compact with enough space for all your essentials – 8.9in L x 0.4in W x 5.3in H. Available in over 20 colors and styles.

Sakroots New Adventure Echo Charging Wristlet_2The runner up, is also from Sakroots with similar features. The $47.95 Sakroots New Adventure Echo Charging Wristlet gives you an additional 2 exterior zipper pockets and 1 interior zipper pocket. The materials and finish are similar to the “Artist” model above, with slightly larger overall dimensions – 8.5in L x 0.5in w x 6.3in H. It uses the same 2500mah detachable rechargeable battery pack.




Charging Purse

Hbutler Women's MightyPurse Nolita BagThe $62.81 Hbutler Women’s MightyPurse Nolita Bag is made of high quality leather which comes in Green, Grey or Pink. It features twist lock buckle, metal hardware, adjustable and removable cross body strap. The interior is a single pocket, 8 credit card slots, and a concealed 4000mAh slimline battery which should be enough for 2 complete phone recharges. The purse even has Auto-Power on technology, so nothing to switch on or off. Unlike the wristlet which has a removable battery, the purse has a concealed USB cord to recharge your purse. At 18.2 oz and 8.9 x 8.2 x 2.9 inches, this purse has a great size to weight ratio and enough space to carry everything you need on a daily basis.

Don’t forget to stock up on extra charging cables: read our recommendations for Best Micro USB Cables or just go with these inexpensive options:

A 3-pack with one each of a nylon braided 3ft, 6ft and 10ft :
Spearl 3Pcs Micro USB Cable (3ft, 6ft, 10ft) ($3.99 – as part of the Amazon Add On program).
Or either of these two 6-pack of cables:
Covery 6 Pack Micro USB Cable (3x1ft, 3x4ft) ($7.99 – as part of the Amazon Add On program).
Covery 6 Pack Micro USB Cable (2x1ft, 3x4ft, 1x6ft) ($9.99 – as part of the Amazon Add On program).

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