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Best Smart Home Technology in 2019

Smart technology is not only changing the way we work, but it’s also altering how we live our lives outside the office. Smart home technology has become more accessible and user-friendly over the past couple of years.

If you’re looking to improve your home experience, increase your resale value, and have more control, implementing smart home technology is the best option for you. Here are some of the best smart home accessories to consider from 2019.

Amazon Echo

When Apple released Siri, it changed the future. Now, home assistants are becoming commonplace and help with simple tasks. All of the major players have a home assistant available. Google has Google Home, Apple has the HomePod, and Amazon has the Echo.

When it comes to home assistants, the third-generation Echo is the best. Alexa, the smart assistant within, can help you control your smart home, make phone calls, play music, answer simple questions, and be optimized with IFTTT protocols.

The recently released third-generation Echo has all the features of the second generation with improved sound quality, offered at the same price point.

Honeywell Home Total Connect 2.0

Home security is a serious consideration for many families. With a Honeywell Home security system, you get the Total Connect 2.0 app for complete control.

In addition to the basics of home security, Total Connect 2.0 allows you to control your locks and security system remotely. If you’ve locked your keys in the house, you can use the app to unlock the doors. The app has camera integrations so you can monitor things at home, as well as alerts for drastic temperature changes and motion sensors.

Honeywell’s Total Connect 2.0 also connects with your Amazon Echo. For more information, read about Amazon Alexa and Total Connect 2.0.

Belkin WeMo Insight

Belkin’s WeMo smart outlets have been the gold standard in smart home conversions in recent years. These smart plugs allow you to control electric appliances remotely. If you’re the person who gets to the office and wonders if you turned off your curling iron, this is the plug for you.

The WeMo Insight takes things to the next level with energy conservation add-ons. The plug collects data about how much energy you’re consuming, as well as an estimate on what your power bill will be, based on your consumption habits. This smart plug is ideal for those trying to be more eco-conscious and budget savvy.

Philips Hue Lightbulbs

Philips dominates in smart lighting options. The Philips Hue collection offers smart bulbs with style variances to suit your design preferences. Most recently, they released smart Edison bulbs, which are both beautiful and functional.

Hue lightbulbs have many functions in addition to basic lighting. You can use them as an alarm clock, set to turn on gradually in the mornings for a peaceful waking experience. You can use motion sensor triggers to turn them on or do fun things, like have the bulb change to blue when the space station passes overhead or mimic the color of the sky outside.

As far as smart home accessories go, the Phillips Hue lightbulbs are more of a luxury purchase and costly to install. That being said, as your home becomes more smart integrated, they’re well worth the investment.

Converting your house to a smart home is an investment of time and money. Start with a few simple swaps and expand as time goes by.

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