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Best Technology Conferences For 2014

Gartner Symposium World Events
Gartner Symposium World Events

The best technology conferences for 2014 are still to come. The top events are listed below with links and listing by date, city and name.

You’ll find links to the conference sites, as well as pre-views of what to expect. This issue begins with the June 2014 events, along with the listings from prior months at the bottom so you can see what you missed and plan ahead for next year.

Many events offer Early Bird specials, often at no cost with promotion codes, so please check out the details for each one and plan your travels.


1st, San Francisco, CA : SLIP2014 – 16th IEEE/ACM International Workshop on System-Level Interconnect Prediction

1st – 5th, San Francisco, CA: Design Automation Conference (DAC) 2014.

8th – 13th, San Jose, CA: CLEO 2014.

10th – 11th, Atlantic City, NJ: LabTrends Conference 2014.

10th – 12th, Los Angeles, CA: E3 Expo .

10th – 12th, New York, NY: Cloud Computing Expo (East).

15th – 19th, Washington, DC: CleanTech 2014  Energy & Efficiency 


24th – 26th, Portland, OR: SusTech2014 – IEEE Conference On Technologies For Sustainability.


Events To Be Added …


9th – 11th, Las Vegas, NV: CTIA Supermobility Week .

16th – 18th, Los Angeles, CA: The LED Show.


1st – 3rd, Santa Clara, CA: ARM Tech Con 2014.

8th – 11th, Phoenix, AZ: Grace Hopper Celebration of Women In Computing .

5th – 9th, Orlando, FL: Gartner Synposium / ITxpo .

10th – 13th, San Jose, CA: GHTC2014 – IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference.

15th, Santa Clara, CA: MEMCon 2014.

15th – 17th, Yokohamo, Japan: LED Japan Strategies In Light (SIL).

23rd – 24th, Los Angeles, CA: Light Show West 2014.


4th – 6th, Santa Clara, CA: Cloud Computing Expo (West).

6th, Los Angeles, CA: Small Business Expo.

11th – 14th, Munich, Germany: Electronica 2014 – International Trade Fair For Components, Systems and Applications – “Inside Tomorrow”.


1st – 4th, Tel Aviv, Israel: GlobeSpace 2014.

2015 – Because it’s never too soon to start planning for next year!


AppsWorld2015 .

January 2015:

6th – 9th, Las Vegas, NV: CES2015 .


In case you missed it in 2014, plan ahead for next year as most conferences are held around the same time and typically in the same city.

February 2014:

11th – 13th, Anaheim, CA: Electronics West And MD&M Expos Returning To Anaheim Convention Center

11th, Anaheim, CA: Golden Mousetrap Recognizes Innovation In Design And Manufacturing

24th – 27th, Barcelona, Spain: Mobile World Congress 2014.

24th – 28th, San Francisco, CA: RSA Conference 2014 – Where The World Talks Security.

25th – 27th, Santa Clara, CA: Strategies In Light (SIL).

March 2014:

8th, Santa Clara, CA: Chinese American Semiconductor Professional Association CASPA 2014 Spring Symposium. – The Wearable Future

11th -12th, Silicon Valley, CA: CDNLive Cadence Users Development Conference

25th – 27th, Philadelphia, PA: EnergySMART 2014 Conference Unlocks The Value Of Energy Intelligence

29th – April 3rd, Long Beach, CA: The 26th Annual IEEE Software Technology Conference (STC2014)

31st – April 3rd, San Jose, CA: EE Live! (formerly called DesignWest).

31st – April 4th, Las Vegas, NV: Interop

April 2014:

1st – 3rd, Long Beach, CA: Space Tech Expo 2014 Returns To Long Beach California

2nd – 4th, Baltimore, MD: Laboratory Design Conference.

5th – 10th, Las Vegas, NV: National Association Of Broadcasters (NAB) Show.

8th – 11th, Dallas, TX: Freescale Technical Forum 2014

28th – May 2nd, Las Vegas, NV: Spring 2014 Data Center World.

29th, Atlanta, GA: NetworkWorld TechTours: Wireless Infrastructure For The Enterprise.

May 2014:

1st, Long Beach, CA: Integrated Electrical Solutions Forum IESF 2014:Military and Aerospace.

1st – 3rd, San Francisco, CA: IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Conference (WIE-ILC) .

5th, San Francisco, CA: HBaseCon2014: The Community Event For Apache HBase.

5th – 8th, Las Vegas, NV: EDS 2014 The Premier Electronics Distribution Event Returns To Las Vegas

6th, Boston, MA : IEEE Rock Stars Of Mobile Cloud.

19th – 23rd, Barbican Centre, London: SDD2014: Software Design and Development.


(Image Credit – Gartner Synposium / ITxpo )

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