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Boeing Relocating 300 Jobs From Seattle To Long Beach

Boeing Assembly in WA
Boeing Assembly in WA

Amid the downsizing of Aerospace companies in Southern California, Boeing has announced they are relocating approximately 300 jobs from the Seattle facility to Long Beach.

While this is welcome news for the Los Angeles area, it’s another setback to the Seattle economy.

As part of the restructuring, Boeing will be eliminating nearly 800 commercial jet aircraft positions at the Puget Sound location. They estimate that only 300 of those jobs will be required at the Long Beach facility.

Long Beach Vice Mayor, Robert Garcia, was quoted by the Los Angeles Times as saying:

Anytime we can bring god engineering jobs back to the city is a good day.

If you bring back a job, that’s also ensuring that other jobs connected to the Boeing operations are going to remain here for a long time.

Southern California hosts multiple Boeing facilities, including Seal Beach and Huntington Beach, in addition to Long Beach. There are nearly 1,200 commercial engineers at these three facilities. One of these sites will be home to a Boeings’ new commercial aircraft design center. It’s expected the new design center will be responsible for support the current fleet of Boeing planes, including the 707, 727, 737 and 757.

Also, over the next 30 months, Boeing will be consolidating their IT support and infrastructure which will affect another 800 people. Management has said the IT group will be reduced by nearly 10 percent, mainly through retirement, attrition and further layoffs. There are nearly 4,700 IT personnel at the Puget Sound facility, and about 7,900 worldwide. Boeing has not yet announced from which locations the cuts will be made, and which of the 50 North America centers-of-excellence will be affected.

However, Boeing is expecting the reduced workforce will be able to accomplish more with the aid of new engineering design tools, automation and manufacturing systems. They are currently forecasting a demand for 34,000 new aircraft over the next 20 years, worth a present day value of $4.5 Trillion.

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(Image Credit – Boeing)

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