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Sometimes I just need an inexpensive wireless mouse to carry in my backpack and another in my travel bag. It's just easier to have one in each bag that I use for my computer. Under $10, the TECKNET optical is cheap enough to just toss in and go. Even though this is inexpensive, it…
It's time we all got more productive, and a simple way to start is by organizing our workspace. One thing that has always been an issue for me is  the tangle of cables on my desk, in the kitchen and the bedroom. No more! The cord spaghetti is gone with this nifty cable organizer from function101 .…
Everyone surely loves a big vacation. It’s a chance to get out of your normal, everyday, humdrum existence and basically live a different life for a few days or weeks. Oh, you’re from suburban wonderland? Become a secret agent for a week by traveling abroad in a different country, dressing to the…

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