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Can You Use Social Tech To Boost Your Happiness? Via Acumor

Can Happify Reduce Stress?
Can Happify Reduce Stress?

Can social technology make you happy? That’s the intriguing question asked by Forbes writer Giovanni Rodriguez in a recent column. His answer? Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and the rest can make you happy. But this largely depends upon your definition of “happy.”


Rodriguez cites a startup called Happify, a social technology company with a laudable goal: It wants to use technology-mediated interventions to help its users become more whole. In other words, it wants to use tech to make its users happier. To use Happify you first fill out a questionnaire that charts your ability to deal with life situations. The app then recommends ways in which you might better focus your efforts to cope with challenges.


Rodriquez tried out Happify. The app told him to focus on managing stress. It then produced a personal plan to help him do this, with a list of activities for him to complete. The first item on that list? Rodriguez was told to itemize items around his home. Rodriguez did this, and is happy that he did.

Does it work?

It’s not surprising that Rodriguez decides that Happify on its own can’t make you happy. If you are facing serious issues, Happify probably can’t solve them on its own. But Happify can help you to live a more organized life. And that, in turn, can boost your happiness, at least on some level.


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