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Capacitive Liquid Level Sensors Using Non Contact Detection

Gem Sensors Capacitive Liquid Level Sensors
Gems Sensors Capacitive Liquid Level Sensors

Liquid and fluid level monitoring, especially for medical waste and biohazardous materials, needs to implemented outside of the containment vessel.  Similarly, for food and beverage level monitoring the sensor should be made of “food-grade” materials or mounted externally to avoid contamination.

The CAP-100 series offers a unique level sensing solution for a wide variety of bottle types including plastic, glass and fiberglass. The non-contact sensor is ideally suited for medical applications such as waste, reagent or diluent liquids as well as dark, sticky or viscous fluids.

The CAP-100 Series is a non-contact sensor that mounts to the exterior of non-metallic tanks and bottles with wall thicknesses up to 5/8″ thick. CAP-200 Series mount via a threaded 1/2″ NPT boss in either metallic or plastic vessels.

The easy-to-calibrate sensor is available in both aqueous and non-aqueous versions and can be delivered with factory preset sensitivity for quick installation for OEM orders.

CAP-100 Applications:

  • Waste
  • Reagents
  • Diluent
  • Detergent / Wash
  • Coolant
  • Printing Ink

The CAP-100 may also be used as a proximity sensor to detect the presence of solids such as paper or pulp.

Made with Delrin bodies, the CAP-200 is suitable for food and beverage applications without the need of a sensor well. Both series are available in models that support either aqueous or non-aqueous liquid detection, with a choice of Wet- or Dry-Sink switch actuation. The two series are distinguished by their mounting method.

Features & Specifications:

  • Size – 57 mm x 30 mm (CAP-100), 200 mm x 52 mm (CAP-200)
  • Indicators – LEDs for both level and power indicators
  • Sensitivity – An integrated potentiometer allows sensitivity field adjustments
  • Power – A 10-48 VDC supply voltage is required for operation
  • Approvals – CE
  • Rating – IP67

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More complete specifications, dimensions and wiring diagrams for these new Capacitive Liquid Level Sensors are available from Gems Sensors and Controls.

(Image Credit – Gems Sensors and Controls )

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