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CapLinked’s “InfoSec-as-a-Service” Changes the Way Companies Protect Information Sent to Outside Parties

CapLinked - Share, Protect Sensitive Data
CapLinked – Share, Protect Sensitive Data

Los Angeles, CA (Nov. 16, 2016) — CapLinked, the leading developer of secure document sharing solutions for enterprises, today announced the release of a revolutionary new set of Information Security (InfoSec) tools designed to help companies protect information that’s shared with external parties. Called “InfoSec-as-a-Service,” this API-powered offering will enable enterprises to build customized solutions for managing, tracking, and even rescinding access to files sent to outside collaborators.

While enterprises actively guard against external threats breaking into their firewall, they seldom have adequate visibility into or control over where their own employees send company data during the course of business. This exposes them to potential risk as sensitive and confidential information is sent to outsiders for licensing, business development, audits, consulting engagements, and other routine business operations. With the average firm uploading nearly 5.6 TB of data into the cloud and sharing information with nearly 900 outside organizations each month, companies have few options for tracking and managing the thousands of files they’re sending to outsiders–until now.

Using InfoSec-as-a-Service, companies will be able to leverage CapLinked’s world-class security and access control technology to protect data as they share it. Users can also monitor how shared files are being used in real time, with the ability to immediately revoke file access if necessary. Through the use of an application program interface (API), CapLinked’s tools can be integrated into third-party applications or proprietary software solutions to create custom workflows. InfoSec-as-a-Service can integrate directly into file storage platforms, email clients, CRM solutions, compliance software, and other applications that deal with the transmission of data to outside parties.

“CapLinked’s InfoSec-as-a-Service transforms traditional information security into an on-demand model that protects company data as it travels,” says CapLinked CEO Eric Jackson. “Imagine being able to share contracts, financials, HR records, medical data, and other sensitive information while still keeping that information safe. Instead of building yet another IT wall to keep data protected, we’re enabling companies to embed security into the data itself by integrating our tools into the software they’re already using.”

The debut of InfoSec-as-a-Service builds off the success of CapLinked’s award-winning web application, which has been used by companies around the world to share millions of files with confidence. Named by CIO Applications as one of “25 Workflow Solutions Transforming Business,” CapLinked’s web application has been used to share information pertaining to a diverse range of use cases, including energy deals, audits, M&A, licensing, and even the sale of a professional sports team. The company’s clients include Ernst & Young, DaVita Healthcare Partners, Roche, Hess, Cambridge Associates, FTI Consulting, Brookline Bank, and LendingClub.

With the launch of InfoSec-as-a-Service, CapLinked is taking the lid off of its web application and making its file security, access controls, and workflow features available for use by third-party developers. This API-powered technology can be integrated into other applications to help secure and streamline all document sharing workflows, which is of particular importance in highly regulated or transaction-heavy industries such as financial services, healthcare/pharmaceuticals, energy, and technology.

Software developers interested in leveraging InfoSec-as-a-Service can review documentation and request an API key by visiting Approved users will also receive access to a development sandbox and a $500 credit towards their use of the service.

About CapLinked

CapLinked ( makes it safe for companies to share information with outside parties. The company was founded by Eric M. Jackson (PayPal’s first head of US marketing and author of “The PayPal Wars”) and Christopher Grey (former senior private equity executive and managing director at a subsidiary of Emigrant Bank). The Wall Street Journal called CapLinked “the go-to place for setting up and closing deals,” and Inc. named CapLinked to its list of “5 Back-Office Tech Innovations.” The company is based in Redondo Beach, CA, part of Los Angeles’s growing “Silicon Beach” area. For more information, visit:


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Director of Marketing | CapLinked

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