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CleanMyMac X Frees Up Storage Space – How it Works

Eliminate the junk, reclaim your drive, speed up your Mac

CleanMyMac , from MacPaw, works on 3 major areas of your Mac: CleanUp, Protection and SpeedUp. This review focuses on how  CleanMyMac frees us storage space with the CleanUp tool. We’ll also cover how much it costs, license types, free downloads and more.

We’ll start of with saying we’re impressed with how well the App works in finding all the junk, and how quickly it does its job. MacPaw says you can “Reclaim more free space on your hard drive by removing up to 74 GB of junk files”. This number is about right based on our findings.

Their claim of “5X More free disk space” by removing large and old files, uninstall apps, and delete useless data that waste disk space also seems on the numbers.

Fun Fact: CleanMyMac clears 614+ TB of data everyday, more than 2x the size of the Library of Congress.

What we like compared with other clean-up tools is how fast this one runs. For some scans, it’ll find all the junk in just a few seconds. Others, like the system junk, can take a few minutes. If you run everything and go through all the information, you can easily be done in well under half an hour.

It’ll be 20 to 30 minutes well spent!

Consider that your memory space, whether it’s a SSD or HDD, is some of the most valuable real-estate in your Mac. You are basically limited to what is there when you bought the computer. And like real-world real-estate, it needs up-keep and maintenance.

Probably the biggest contributor to your Mac feeling like it’s getting old and not running as fast as new is that there are more files, apps, etc. on the drive than when you bought it. Each App may take up resources, leaving little bits behind each time it runs, updates or even gets deleted.

Fun Fact: There are only 254,806 lines of code in CleanMyMac, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

It’s likely you aren’t even aware of the gradual process, and only really notice it when things get slower than you can tolerate. Which brings you here, looking for ways to get your Mac speeds back to new and your disk space to something usable again.

If you already think this is the tool for you – order / download from the CleanMyMac X store page or do a demo with the free trial version of the App – CleanMyMac X direct download link . Or just keep reading our review to learn more about how it works…

Fun Fact: CleanMyMac is used in 185 countries, including Antarctica.

The clean up tools automate the process of finding the junk files that are taking up space and affecting your system performance. In each category, you’ll get detailed information about which files are impacting, how much space they are taking up, and what to do with them.

The categories are broken down into: System, Photo, Mail, iTunes, Unistaller and Trash. These are generally the areas that are most used, and have the most junk associated with them. You can also run the “Large & Old Files” App to find out which of these may be hogging your system, and decide what to do about them.

What makes all of this useful, is that the tools do all the tedious work of finding and indexing the files. Everything is presented in a user-friendly format, and as mentioned earlier, runs really fast.

Here’s the overview of each category:

System Junk

System junk - introThis is typically the largest cache of files that can be safely deleted. You may be surprised to see a couple GBs of old cache files, data logs, system logs, broken applications, unused language versions and – my biggest offender – excessive versions of documents.

We  recommend keeping only 3 to 5 revisions of your documents.

Photo Junk

Photo junk - introIf you are like us, you’ll have thousands (tens of thousands?) of photos. These take up a lot of space, and many of them may have image supporting data that you don’t need. Keep the images, ditch the non-essential meta data.

Also, with Photos app, when you edit a picture the app automatically makes a full sized back-up. This happens even if you just rotate a picture. So you may have multiple copies of each image that you don’t realize.

Mail Junk

Mail attachments - introDid you know that every time you view a new attachment in Mail that a copy is saved to your Mac? Every image, .pdf, document and even those neat logos / signature images that nearly everyone uses. You can easily find and remove all of these duplicate items, while still keeping all the originals in your emails.

And if you edited any the files after opening, don’t worry, these don’t get deleted.

iTunes Junk

iTunes junk - intro Another big data hog for us! CleanMyMac removes all the redundant iOS software updates, iOS backups and broken downloads.

Do you really need more than the last 3 updates and backups?

Cached album artworks from your music library can also be found and removed, freeing up even more space.

Uninstaller Junk

Uninstaller - introIf you are like most of us, you’ll simply drag an app you no longer want to the trash can to get rid of it. While this is simple and quick, it generally leaves a bunch of other little files still scattered across your Mac. You can easily find all of these fragments, and see them grouped by developer and download source to decide which ones to delete.

You can also see a list of older, legacy apps as well as ones you no longer use. MacPaw constantly updates a “Safety Database” of Apps rules to keep up with which can be deleted without any issues.

Trash Junk

Trash bins - introLast but certainly not least are all the files you thought were deleted from your Mac when you moved them to the trash. You may not even realize just how many trash folders you have – there is one for each disk partition (and for any external drives); Apps like Mail and Photo each have their own individual trash folders as well.

Save the time and effort of hunting all these down yourself, and just use the tools!

Large & Old Files

LAOF - intro Another feature is this tool which goes through all the files and Apps on your Mac, and gives you a nice list grouped by size, type and access date.

You can quickly scan down this list to decide if you want to get rid of any of these files, or to simply leave them as they are. CleanMyMac just gives you the the list so you have the option, and complete control, over what to do with your data.


Don’t just take our word for how the product works. Here are some actual users that were happy with the results posted to the CleanMyMac X product page:

  • Tony Collander (@tonycollander) – “I’ve been using my MacBook Pro for about 3 years and the SSD drive was almost full. Used CleanMyMac by macpaw and I cleared 106,53 GB!”
  • Alan Lawton (@alawton77) – “What a massive improvement is #CleanMyMac from @MacPaw! Just cleaned 42.5GB of crap off my MacBook Pro.”
  • Glenda (@glenda) – “Nice job MacPaw on CleanMyMac! Best feature: “iTunes Junk” — 500GB+ of crap on my drives gone in under 3 minutes & I feel TRUE FREEDOM!”

There are well over 5 million MacPaw users, so you are in good company using this App.

Pricing / Ordering

If you are ready to free up your storage space and get your Mac clean today, you can order / download from the CleanMyMac X store page. This is available as an annual subscription (lowest price) or a one-time purchase.

The license prices at time of this publication are:


  • License for 1 Mac – $34.95
  • License for 2 Macs – $54.95 (Save $14.95)
  • License for 5 Macs -$79.95 (Save $94.80)

CleanMyMac X subscription price

One-Time Purchase:

  • License for 1 Mac – $89.95
  • License for 2 Macs – $134.95 (Save $44.95)
  • License for 5 Macs – $199.95 (Save $249.80)

CleanMyMac X onetime price

The benefit of the renewing subscription, in addition to the cost savings, is that it includes all the major updates and premium support. Not to worry, you’ll get a reminder prior the renewal and can cancel or change your subscription at any time.

All the purchases come with Instant Activation, 30-day money back guarantee and 24/7 Support.

And, if you already have other MacPaw products, you can get an additional 30% off the CleanMyMac tools – just scroll down to the bottom of the CleanMyMac X store page.

CleanMyMac X has got all the instruments to supercharge your Mac. Deep-level cleaning, malware removal, performance boost — all in one app:

  1. Locate and remove large hidden files
  2. Update, uninstall, and reset your apps
  3. Clean browser and chat history

Here we focused on just one feature – CleanUp – of the CleanMyMac App. We’ll include the links to reviews of the other features here, as soon as there are available.

We think that you’ll appreciate this as much as we do, and get your copy so you can get started with bringing back your Mac. If you are still undecided, there is trial version of the App (here’s the CleanMyMac X direct download link), which lets you run as many scans as you want, clean up to 500MB of system junk, and run assorted tools a limited number of times.

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