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Cloud Learning, A New Paradigm

Social Learning In The Cloud
Social Learning In The Cloud

Education is helping more and more by the technological tools. In this new design, pedagogy is not the key element, it is teachers and students rationalization, which see the advantages of this model of distance education.

With Web 2.0 platforms have been developed such that offer online training tools for communication, collaboration and evaluation. This has facilitated the rise of new teaching method known as eLearning.

The central features of this model are:

  • The virtual classroom has been added in addition to the physical classroom.
  • Teachers have become facilitators of learning.
  • The subject is learning to learn.

In this model, classmates of the students are members of their online community. They use the technology that is in the cloud to send information, communicate and exchange data. Today students spend time on social networks and Blogs. Given this situation, some universities are using social networks, creating new educational field called Social Learning.

In this context; we develop the concept of Cloud Learning. This could be defined as a new global educational universe, using the formal methods employed in educational institutions and non-formal methods offered by the cloud. The four components of this practice are Community, Communication, Collaboration and Connection. We are talking about learning to use social media or virtual classrooms, and allow us to integrate with the community through open spaces for communication and collaboration.

The formation extends through virtual tools, social networks and blogs. In this context, demand teachers to extend their scope beyond education and virtual classrooms, into the teaching space in the cloud. Educators have become a “Community Manager of Education”.

It is necessary to review how education can take advantage of the dynamics of Internet collaboration and participation. Beyond the purely technological, the Web is a place where the social gains prominence. Far from staying out, education is also part of this model of socialization in the network.

E-learning has become the future of education. In the coming years, teaching will use cloud-based technologies increasingly. This is especially true for corporate training. We can say that, in a global economy, cloud learning is not only desirable, but necessary.

The cloud technology has impacted the world of eLearning. Importantly, eLearning has been characterized by its high capacity to adapt with high speed and flexibility to the development of emerging technologies.

Cloud technologies bring to the world of e -Learning is a possibility that users can develop their learning through online resources, storage and processing of your information. Also,the development of courses and services uses cloud- supported applications. This allows greater geographical independence when receiving the course, and when develops it, just need a device connected to the cloud.

Today, training systems offer advanced features that promote collaboration and personalization. Many experts predict that these methods have the power to change the business services, products and organizational structures of the organization. So many companies have chosen to learn management systems (LMS) in the cloud. Companies are adopting cloud-based technologies as a means of efficiency and expansion.

Cloud-based technologies are expected to become the standard for education. This technology will simplify procedures for business training and open doors to learning as options for both small and medium enterprises.

The cloud-based technology allows a company to adopt social learning approach that anticipates market trends. With online training access to information and communication are given, and the learning process can be more reliable.

Now, e-learning is the smartest way to provide business training. Training in the cloud will be expanding expectations for companies in the future.

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Article Source: EzineArticles by Author Maria De La Hera.


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