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Common Uses of High Power Diode Lasers

Teradiode Laser Cutter
Teradiode Laser Cutter

There are certain technologies that have proven to be useful across a wide variety of applications. An example of this is high-power diode lasers.

Although the laser itself has not changed much since its inception, different applications for the laser have come to the fore. Here are a few of the more common uses of the high-power diode laser, many of which you may not have considered in the past.

One of the more common uses of diode lasers is in material processing. For example, a wide array of welding and soldering applications make use of diode lasers. Plastic is often welded by lasers, as it can easily melt the plastic and then cause it to form a seal that is complete. Metals are also easily able to be manipulated with the use of lasers, including cutting and welding.

One of the benefits that you get when processing materials with a high-power diode laser is the fact that it does not damage the material in the surrounding area where the cut or weld is taking place. This benefit may be seen in many different types of materials, including plastic, metal and wood. It provides you with the stability that is necessary to get a variety of cuts done very neatly and quickly.

The medical industry has certainly benefited from the use of diode lasers and will continue to benefit in a variety of ways. One of the types of medical uses of the diode laser is cosmetic. As an example, many people go in for laser hair removal and this is done by use of a diode laser. It does not burn the hair but rather, the light affects the hair and kills the follicle, causing it to be less likely to grow again.

Many surgeons also use lasers to make more precise cutting when they are taking care of your medical needs. This is something to be considered, as lasers can help reduce your recovery time and may limit bleeding during a surgical procedure. One of the more common types of surgical procedures that makes use of the high-power laser, is laser eye surgery, although there are other uses which are also beneficial to us.

At times, high-power diode lasers are used for science and research for measuring purposes. After all, lasers are available to measure over extremely long distances as well as very small distances much more accurately than other types of devices. Scientists also use lasers in many other ways as well and we tend to benefit from that research on a daily basis.

Although there are other applications for lasers, these are some of the more common that are used. There is no doubt that as we continue to advance as a society, lasers will play an even greater role in providing us with the products and services that we need. Although the technology itself has not changed much, our ingenuity and ability to use such tools in different ways benefits us now and in the future.

Mark Williams had a chance to learn about high power diode lasers from Coherent, a laser manufacturing company, in Germany while doing a research paper for his graduate program. Visit for their German website to learn more about laser. To know more about Mark, you can connect with him over at Google+.

Article Source: EzineArticles by Mark Williams


(Image Credit – Teradiode )

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