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Cost Reductions For Small Businesses With Windows 10

Windows 10 For SMB
Windows 10 For SMB

“Not only can business owners enhance the bottom line by reducing expenses, this time around the latest Windows OS can help them get more done and, for forward-looking entrepreneurs, transform the business into something different to realize their dreams,” the article begins.

Below are a few excerpts from the article “”.

“Reduce training costs – With a lot of the familiar ways of doing things that we lost or couldn’t find in Windows 8, now restored in Windows 10, the operating system is easy to use again. That means reduced training costs for new employees and enhanced usability for the rest of us.”

“More/Better Apps – New software development kits (SDKs) allow developers to port code from other platforms to Windows with minor modifications making many more of their apps available to users in the Windows Store.”

“Visionary leaders will be enabled to create and provide new services, structure the business to be more agile through the cloud, operate virtually with partners and contract employees, and telecommute whenever their personal lives require more of their attention.”

“Windows 10 is the real deal for SMBs. By cutting costs, improving productivity and seamlessly and securely combining it all with mobile and the cloud, Windows 10 levels the playing field, allowing SMBs not tied to location, staff or physical facilities to outmaneuver larger businesses,” the article concludes.


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Source: (PRWEB) JULY 24, 2015


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