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Different Types Of Monitor Cables

Types Of Monitor Cables
Types Of Monitor Cables

As a part of this technological era, you must be familiar with the computer, especially the desktop computer. This computer was very popular before the invention of laptops. When you use desktop computer, you need to replace your CRT monitor with the LCD one. While replacing the monitor, you would realize that monitor cable plays an important role in connecting the monitor and CPU. Even for your TV set, you would need this cable to connect your TV and the video player. Owing to the development of gadgets and computers, you will find different types of this cable in the market. These include HDMI connector, VGA cable, USB cable, and many other similar cables.

USB Cable: USB cables are commonly used to connect the computer with other devices like digital cameras, cell phones, and so on. However this cable can also be used to connect a computer with the secondary display. However, it is advisable not to connect the CPU with the main monitor using USB. This is because the resolution of the USB cable is limited (1024×768). Besides that, such cables are also used to replace a laptop screen if you want to use another display or when your laptop display is broken or dead.

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HD 15 Monitor Cable: HD 15 cable is the most common connector for monitor. Commonly, people know that this cable is the standard VGA cable and it is easily recognizable being blue in colour. It works by communicating the image data to the monitor processor directly. This cable is commonly used in many devices, but usually for technology of desktop computer and other devices that are popular in the same area. However, this VGA cable has a limited resolution feature. It only supports 640×480 resolution. As a result, it cannot support the newest devices and gadgets that require greater resolution.

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DVI Cables: This type of cable is more complete since it can transfer both digital and analog video data. This is the most common monitor cable used today for connecting digital monitor since it supports up to 1920×1200 image resolution and even more. It also supports 2560×1600 video resolutions. When used in LCD monitor, it can considerably reduce the digital noise. At one glance, it looks quite similar to VGA cable. The only difference being that its flat pins are comparatively longer than that of the VGA cable.

HDMI Cable: HDMI monitor cable is the most popular cable for monitors today since it is compatible with many devices like home theatre or LCD television. However, now you would find that all the computers and gadgets are featured with the HDMI port. It means the current computers can be connected with the LCD Television or your LCD TV can be used as the computer monitor.

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Article Source: ArticleSnatch by Author David Johnson .

David Johnson is a freelance writer and blogger. He has an excellent knowledge about all kind of Computer Peripherals like, Monitor Cable, USB Cable, HDMI Cable, DVI Cables and Networking Products. He takes great delight in sharing this knowledge through his articles, which are fresh, insightful and interactive.


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