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Digital Comics Are Thriving Via Acumor

Graphic Novels On Tablets
Graphic Novels On Tablets

Tablets have given a big boost to retailers. All things considered these devices, which have turned into mini computers you can easily carry in your hand, are huge business.

Forbes columnist Ethan Gach writes that Walmart sold more than 1.4 million tablets during its Black Friday sale in November.

But Gach also talked about another surprising beneficiary of tablet sales: the producers of comic books.

Spider-Man on your tablet

The publishers of comic books recognize just how popular tablets are with consumers. They know that tablet sales are expected to surpass the combined sales of desktop computers and laptops in 2015. Furthermore they know that consumers like reading comics on tablets. It’s a natural fit.


Gach takes a close look at Comixology, an online seller of comics. The company has thrived by offering numerous types of comics online, that readers have access to on tablets as well as their laptops. According to Gach, Comixology achieved over 200 million comic downloads earlier this year. That’s a great achievement.

More readers?

Because Comixology offers comics in the digital space, the company doesn’t have to worry about space issues. That’s a challenge that hits brick-and-mortar comic shops: How do they find room for all the titles that their customers may want? Comixology, of course, is able to afford to offer lesser-known titles that don’t come from the powerhouse DC or Marvel brands. This is very good news for comics fans, and for comics publishers. Digital reading and comics may be a perfect match.


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