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Ditch These Bad Tech Habits

Start Good Tech Habits
Start Good Tech Habits

Do you practice bad tech habits? You might think you don’t. But you do you re-use passwords, neglect to back up files or frequently leave your tablet alone and in plain sight? Then you’re doing some of the most serious bad tech habits recently uncovered by PCWorld Magazine.

If you need to protect your devices and yourself, you’ll study these bad habits and make changes in your own behavior. It’s the best way to protect yourself when computing.

Don’t Make Yourself a Target

Some bad tech habits can make you an easy target for thieves who covet your tablets, smart phones and other devices. Maybe you don’t think before leaving your tablet alone at a booth when you go to get a refill of pop. Before you realize it, a savvy thief has hurried past your empty booth, snatched your tablet and vanished out the door. Or perhaps you practice the bad habit of concentrating so intently on your smart phone screen that you simply fail to be aware of your surroundings? This leaves you an easy target for a street criminal who wouldn’t mind pounding you in the face and snatching that smart phone.

Take precautions or use a locking cable to keep your devices from being swiped.
Anti-Theft Security Hardware Cable Lock Kit for Laptop, MacBook, iPad, Tablets ($19.99)

Hurting Your Health

Some of the bad habits noted by PCWorld will make you sick. You could damage your back or develop carpal tunnel syndrome if you slump over in your chair while typing on your keyboard. You can damage your eyesight or get headaches if you stare too long into your screens each day. If you don’t allow yourself to take breaks from your screens while at work you can suffer from everything from back aches to eye strain to general fatigue. Break these three bad habits by forcing yourself to take at least short breaks from your screens while working.

If you spend alot of time in your chair, at least make sure you have proper back support.

King Comfort Lumbar Back Support ($23.97)

Lost Data, Personal Information

What happens if your computer suffers a sudden hard-drive crash? Will you lose your important files? If you suffer from the bad tech habit of not backing up your files, you might. And do you reuse the same passwords regularly at several different Web sites? This tech habit can open you to a whole lot of pain should somebody crack that go-to password. Now, instead of getting access to your personal info on one site, this cyber criminal can get access to it on several. Finally, do you disregard the updates that publishers create for the software that you most frequently use? Don’t. Dismissing these updates can make you vulnerable to hacks and keep you from fully enjoying your software.

Interesting Reading Material

To learn more about this topic, and to help overcome some of these bad tech habits, here are a couple of books available through Amazon:

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Managing Your Family’s High-Tech Habits: (From Video-Games to the Dark Side of the Web) ($7.99 paperback / $6.15 Kindle)

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