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Do You Lock Your Smartphone? Why Not? Via Acumor

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Do you lock your phone? Should you? Gizmodo writer Lily Hay Newman tackled this question in a recent post on the site. For the record, Newman doesn’t lock her phone. She doesn’t rely on a password, key or swipe pattern. She admits, though, that this isn’t smart, and that it’s a practice she’ll probably regret someday.

No lock

Why do so many people not lock their phones? You can probably blame it on laziness. Then there’s the fact that we tend to check our smartphones a lot. This is Newman’s case. She writes that she’s always checking her phone. To enter a password or complete a swipe pattern every time she does this, she writes, would be a hassle.

Why you should lock

It’s clear why you should lock your smartphone. What if you lose it? This could give a complete stranger access to your most personal information and contacts. If you lose a locked phone, the odds are much lower that a stranger will use your personal information to cause you trouble.

More locking?

Our advice to you? Lock your phone. Even good people might be tempted to sneak a look at your personal information should you lose an unlocked phone on the bus or leave it on the train. Yes, it’s a hassle. Yes, it’s one more thing to do, often several times a day. But locking your phone is something that could pay off should you misplace your phone.


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