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Electromagnetic Cards and Wristbands – The Trend of the Times

RFID Silicone Event  Bracelet
RFID Silicone Event Bracelet

RFID wrist bands, plastic cards or Mifare cards, all this stuff is highly popular these days and is used extensively because of the numerous benefits it comes along with. Here is an overview about the same

RFID Wristbands – For those who are unaware about what RFID is, it means radio-frequency identification and it makes wire free use of radio frequency electromagnetic fields for data transfer as well as identification and tracking of tags connected to objects automatically. They find their applications in a variety of areas like retail, automobiles, events, and more. One example of RFID is made as wristbands and used in many different ways. Here are a few examples

Events and Shows – When there is a mass event there are chances that your credit cards or debit cards get lost. In such a case, RFID wrist bands with identification technique, the attendees do not require to carry their cards. This kind of use of RFID wrist bands is very popular in live shows, sporting functions and more importantly where there is heavy sale of liquor.

Safety and Security – RFID wrist bands are also used in keyless hotels rooms as well as for access control and security systems so that the data transfer or storage is safe and secure.

Mementos and Souvenirs – As RFID wrist bands are available in a variety of colors, measurements as well as materials, many of the people who receive these bands at events retain them. Keeping this advantage in mind many of the brand and companies even gift away stylish Wristbands at events and shows because they get an opportunity to connect with their audiences one on one. In case you are wonder how would that be possible, here is the answer. Even after the event because of the RFID bands, information regarding return of the event is advertised. Thus, RFID wristbands are extensively used as promotional wristbands or even merchandise.

RFID Wrist Bands Types – There are different kinds of wrist bands like the ones which glow in the dark, shade main and shade crammed wristbands, monitor printed wristbands, usually used for promotions and accompanied by catchy phrases, corporate identity, etc. Various substances are also used for making these wristbands and these include woven cloth, plastic as well as silicon. A variety of color choices are also available for these wristbands

Plastic Cards/Mifare Cards – Just like RFID Bands, Plastic cards and Mifare cards are very popular because they are also contact free cards and can be easily used for parking solutions, cashless vending, student ID and Schools cards, leisure cards, etc. These cards have an internal antenna which responds to the magnetic field created by the card reader. These cards are available with different memories ranging from 4K to 64K. With the help of plastic cards or Mifare cards you need not carry heavy cash or debit or credit cards. You can easily use the Mifare or plastic ID cards for boarding a bus, using the local gym facilities or even shopping for that matter. Because of the huge benefits of plastic cards or mifare cards they are extensively used in low fare transactions like public transport ticketing, low value transactions, loyalty cards as well as security identification and more. These cards are secure and durable too hence are very popular and many business organization are make use of them.

Article Source: GoArticles by Author Steven Miller

Steven Miller is a technical expert & he loves to write articles on tech products like RFID Wristbands, Plastic Cards, Mifare Cards designed to support all leading RFID technologies.

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