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Electronics West And MD&M Expos Returning To Anaheim Convention Center

Electronics West Returns To Anaheim
Electronics West Returns To Anaheim

Southern California’s most popular multi-disciplinary expo is returning to the Anaheim Convention Center (Anaheim, CA) for three days in February, 2014.

Attendees can still register for free admission to see all seven expos: the Pacific Design & ManufacturingMD&M WestWestPackPLASTEC WestElectronics WestATX West, and Aerocon shows. The tradeshow floor is open daily from 10:00A to 5:00P, Tuesday February 11th through Thursday February 13th.

Over 60 educational offerings and tours are available through the “Center Stage”, “Tech Theater” and “Innovation Tours”. Participating in the Center Stage, you’ll have the opportunity to meet real-life masterminds, mingle with industry insiders, attend live product teardowns, get tips from hard-core geeks, and discover solutions to daily challenges. Have a seat in the Tech Theater to learn from industry-leading companies; Listen to technology and product briefs from suppliers showcasing the newest solutions and innovation. Or take a walk on the Innovation Tours, to get a behind-the-scenes tour of the latest technology on the show floor; Tours focus on your choice of topic: Mobile, UDI, or robotics.

In the Electronics West Expo, you’ll find electronics for every industry:

  • Exhibits packed with cutting-edge technologies and applications
  • Suppliers covering every industry segment
  • Learning Labs addressing the hottest topics in manufacturing
  • Opportunities for exponential networking and key industry
    contact growth
  • Product releases and live demonstrations not seen anywhere else

On the showroom floor, attendees will find over 2,000 top suppliers across all industries exhibiting the latest technologies and innovative products including:

  • Assembly Board Inspection/Test Systems
  • EDA Software
  • Electromechanical Components
  • Electronics Contract Manufacturing
  • Embedded Systems/Software
  • PCB Production Equipment
  • Power Components and Sources
  • Semiconductors
  • Switches
  • Transformers
  • Wire and Cable

On the evening of Tuesday February 11th, the Golden MouseTrap Awards will be hosting their ceremonies in the Marriott Ballroom at the convention center. This is a free (while tickets are available) event for conference attendees, but requires a separate registration.


(Image Credit –  UBM Canon)

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