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ERNI annouces the 0.8mm pitch dual-row MicroCon series

ERNI Connector
Connector – Credit: ERNI

The dual-row MicroCon series with 0.8 mm pitch is ideal for various demanding applications in the industrial, medical, lighting, automotive and consumer markets.

This connector family was developed with a goal towards robustness to handle the small dimensions in this compact package.

Ruggedness in the male connectors is provided with reinforced side walls.

Secure mating is ensured by coding and blind mate guide alignments, allowing for an increased locking range.

A unique feature for this miniaturized device is the double-sided spring contact. The reliable and high quality spring contacts are based on a proven and patented principle, which ERNI Electronics has continuously scaled down for smaller dimensions.

To support various PCB applications the MicroCon connectors come in three configurations – parallel for mezzanine board connections, orthogonal for 90 degree attachments and coplanar. With different heights for the male and female connectors it’s possible to have board-to-board distances from 5 mm to 20 mm for mezzanine applications.

Despite the miniaturization, the new connectors offer a high mating tolerance with allowed misalignment tolerances of +/- 0.7 mm in longitudinal and transverse axes. The allowed inclination tolerance is +/- 4 degrees.

The male connector is available with SMT termination. The robust plastic housing of the female connectors withstands high temperatures and is suitable for lead-free reflow soldering. These can be ordered in tape and reel packaging for automatic assembly.

Key Features:
Pitch – 0.8 mm
Pins – 12 to 120
Board-to-Board Distances – 5 mm to 10 mm, expandable to 20 mm
Mating Cycles – Class 1 certified to more than 500 cycles
Material – Tin Plated Pins
Current Rating – 2.3A max (20C) per contact
Termination – SMT
Packaging – Tape and Reel

For complete information, including data sheets and additional product offerings, please see ERNI .

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