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EZ-Rocket Creator XCOR Aerospace At International Space Commerce 2013 Summit

XCOR EZ-Rocket Testing
XCOR EZ-Rocket Testing

Back in 2001, XCOR was the company to complete the EZ-Rocket, the first of such vehicles built and flown by a non-government entity. X-Racer, their second vehicle, broke a record of seven flights in one day. These, and many other successes have made XCOR Aerospace a leader in the commercial space transportation industry.

Join us at the International Space Commerce 2013 Summit, taking place on October 29th and 30th at the Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel in London. Featured speaker Andrew Nelson, Chief Operating Officer of XCOR Aerospace, will be explaining ways that Europe can create the best regulatory and socio-economic conditions to spur the growth of European commercial space industries.

Commercial spaceflights have been in the spotlight for the last couple of years, with spaceports being the front door that can enable thousands of people from around the world go to outer space. Since 2006 there has been global interest and support to build spaceports, with Russia being in the process of constructing a new Space Launch Centre, the Vostochny Cosmodrome. Given the importance of spaceports for the commercial space industry, you’ll be hearing more at the upcoming ISC2013 summit.

The Oklahoma Spaceport, the third largest runway in North America at 13,502 feet and which stands as an alternate landing site for the Space Shuttle, will be participating at the International Space Commerce 2013 Summit. Also participating is Spaceport Sweden, the European pioneering initiative that will become Europe’s gateway to space.

Stephen McKeever, Secretary of Science and Technology at the State of Oklahoma and Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer at the Oklahoma State University will be giving insights on the Oklahoma Spaceport operations. Sharing the platform with Mr. McKeever is Karin Nilsdotter, CEO at Spaceport Sweden, who will be showing the role of private sector in funding, constructing and developing a nation’s spaceport.

The ISC2013 agenda will also include a panel discussion on the insurance of space vehicles. This panel features Marco Ramadoro  CEO of SATEC (Space Underwriter of Atrium Space Insurance Consortium), David Wade, the CEO of D-Orbit and Luca Rossettini. The Senior Vice President for Commercial Sales & Business Development at SpaceX, Barry Matsumori , will speak about space insurance developments across the next 10 years.

Don’t miss the International Space Commerce 2013 Summit in October for a chance to hear the key experts gathering from around the world discussing every commercial element of the space industry including satellites and infrastructure, space technology and applications, human spaceflight and infrastructure as well as legalities, policies and finance.

For every day updates follow on Twitter @IRN_Space and join the LinkedIn Group – ‘International Space Network’

To learn more or register for the Summit, email to with a subject line of ‘ISC 2013 Summit: More Info’ or call us on: +44 20 7111 1615

(Image Credit – Xcor )

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