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Follow These Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Battery Strong Via Acumor

Keep Your Battery Full
Keep Your Battery Full

Smartphones are pretty incredible these days. They’re more like miniature computers – small enough to fit in your pocket – than they are phones. You can use these devices to surf the Web, text friends, run directions to the new Thai restaurant and watch movies. But all that power can suck the life out of a battery. Fortunately, there are strategies that you can use to extend the battery life of your smartphone. And Eric Limer, a writer for the Gizmodo tech site, wasn’t shy about sharing these tips in a recent feature.

Be smart

The first rule of extending a smartphone’s battery life? Be smart. Limer writes that you shouldn’t use up your battery life playing games like Angry Birds or Candy Crush or by keeping your Wi–Fi on when you’re not using it. And if you don’t need your GPS going, keep it turned off. Those are the obvious tips, of course. But there’s more to strengthening your phone’s battery.


Limer recommends that you keep your smartphone’s battery – which is most likely a lithium-ion battery – charged to 50 percent of its life or higher at all times. If you let your phone’s battery run to nearly nothing and then recharge it, you could, over time, make your battery a bit less effective. You don’t want to keep your phone charging at all times, either. That’s because lithium-ion batters can get overheated. Fortunately, your charger will usually cut off your phone’s charging for a while after it’s full.


Maybe the most important way to boost your smartphone’s battery life, though, is to keep your battery cool. Limer writes that phone batteries degrade more quickly when they get too hot. Limer says that at an average temperature of 32 degrees Fahrenheit a smartphone battery will lose 6 percent of its maximum capacity each year. At 77 degrees, though, that jumps to 20 percent.


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