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Future Wearable Tech

Fashionable Wearable Tech
Fashionable Wearable Tech

One of the biggest tech stories of the year has been the rise of wearable tech. Many top brands have sought to make an impact on the fledgling wearables market by introducing a range of gadgets that can be worn to provide a user-friendly and tactile approach to how we use our technologies on the go.

The phenomenal press attention around the launch of the Apple Watch clearly signified the way in which wearable tech has captured the public’s attention. And whilst wearable tech is yet to become a part of mainstream life, there are a few instances of some wearable gadgets on the horizon that look set to revolutionize the way in which we interact with our devices.

Much has been made of various tech companies trying to introduce new contactless ways of paying for goods as a way of eliminating the need for cash. But the unveiling of a new kind of payment ring looks set to deliver a highly user-friendly way in which we can make payments. London Fashion Week provided the designer Henry Holland with the opportunity to introduce a stylish ring that included an embedded NFC chip that is similar to the kind that is used in contactless payments.

Another entry in this market, NFC Ring (Amazon – $59.99), has a simple band which may be more appealing to those with understated tastes, and especially for men.

If you find such payment rings a little bit too fiddly for your financial transactions, then you can take comfort in the news that top designers Lyle and Scott have developed a brand new contactless payment jacket that is automatically linked up to your account via a Barclays bPay chip in the cuff.

The attraction surrounding wearable tech has also led many famous watch designers trying to diversify their brand’s appeal with some seriously luxurious smartwatches. Already there is intense speculation about the impending arrival of the Mondaine and Tag Heuer smartwatches that will enable users to enjoy all of the benefits of the online environment from the convenience of their luxury devices. As well as being able to receive messages and record fitness activity, the rise of luxury smartwatches is also expected to broaden the appeal of many sites such as who are able to offer lucrative online casino games through increasingly advanced gaming possibilities.

And just in case you were in any doubt as to whether we were living in a future age, then it looks like we will soon be heading beyond wearable tech into the slightly alarming world of injectable tech. Although the developers behind such eye-opening innovations have stating that we are still some way from enjoying the new synergy between humankind and technology, with the intense speed of technological innovation, it looks like our future lives as cyborgs may be here sooner than we think.

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