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Graphene – The Revolutionary Discovery That Will Change Our Lives

Graphene Single Layer Atomic Structure
Graphene Single Layer Atomic Structure

In the year 2004, Andre Geim, a Dutch-British physicist discovered graphene, a two dimensional structure that exists in a three dimensional world. This discovery has baffled experts in material science, even the most experienced. Graphene, is made up of a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in hexagonal lattice.

The material is only one layer thick, making it the thinnest structure on Earth. However, it has great potential, and can revolutionize the world. It’s not even a decade since the material was discovered, but it is already expected to hit consumer markets soon. Both scientists and industrialists are interested in exploring the potential uses of graphene.

Since the material is the first of its kind, researchers are still studying it so as to improve its properties and explore possible applications.

The History of Graphene

In 1859, the theoretical existence of graphene was conceptualized. P.R. Wallace first explored the electrical properties of graphite in 1947 while exploring this theory. Single layers of graphene were first seen under the electron microscope during experiments and studies conducted by Eugene J. David P. DeVincenzo and Gordon Walter Semenoff. It’s important to note that graphite is more than 50 layers thick.

Numerous institutions have made huge investments in research studies aimed at exploring the material further. It is believed that graphene may open up many opportunities once it is fully understood. Since 2008, IBM has been experimenting with the material in making integrated circuits. In 2011, the company developed a broadband radio mixer using the material.

Numerous Investment Opportunities are on the way

Given the future potential of the material, investors are looking for opportunities to invest in the industry.

Graphenano, Nokia, IBM and Samsung are just bust a few of the many leading companies that are known to be investing heavily in the material technology and its possible applications.

Future uses for the material seem to be quite extensive, amongst the most interesting utilizations we can find:

  • Manufacture of flexible visual gadgets such as televisions, smartphones and personal computers.
  • Manufacture of digital devices that can easily be embedded onto any flat, shaped or curved surface
  • Improve the efficiency of solar panels, desalination technology and organic LED lighting
  • Improve the ethanol distillation processes
  • Improve the efficiency of fuel cells, batteries and other energy storage devices

New manufacturing leaps and material applications are being found nearly every day, tomorrows world is now being constructed from nanotechnology.

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Article Source EzineArticles by Author David Moreno .


(Image Credit – Graphene Site )

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