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HiRel Power Management With Peregrine PE9915x Family

Peregrine PE9915x HiRel POL Family
Peregrine PE9915x HiRel POL

Space and Airborne applications usually require ICs which are characterized as High-Reliability (“HiRel” – either as radiation tolerant or radiation hardened) so that the systems can operate properly when subjected to radiation effects. Critical ground systems in Military, Defense and Aerospace may also require similarly rated components.

One subsystem of every design involves powering the components on a PCB. This can be accomplished with a power supply providing all the required voltages for each individual IC, or in many cases with using one or more Point-Of-Load (POL) ICs. With a POL, individual components which have high peak currents, noise susceptibility issues or multiple voltage requirements can have their own dedicated power device. A POL is most often used with high performance ICs such as FPGAs, ASICs and Processors. The switching frequency characteristics can also make POL implementations suitable for many other analog and RF components.

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HiRel devices are available from just a few companies, including Peregrine Semiconductor .

Their PE9915x Family of DC-DC Point Of Load (POL) Buck Regulators are run from a standard 5V nominal power supply, and can provide output voltages from 1V to 3.6V. Current output [ Iout(max) ] can be as high as 10A, depending on the device. Depending on the design requirements, the devices are available as bare die in addition to traditional packaged parts (32-pin CQFP, 12.57 mm x 13.08 mm).

Peregrine specifies these HiRel regulators wiht radiation-hardeness up to 100 KRad (TID / total ionization dose tolerance) and Single Event Effects (SEE) immunity to a Linear Energy Transfer (LET) greater than 90 MeV•cm²/mg. They emphasize their monolithic technology can be used as a replacement to multi-chip modules by offering superior performance, smaller size and reduced weight in sensitive space applications.

The part number selection table and links to data sheets, white papers and additional information is provided below:

Part Number Iout Max (A) Vin Min (V) Vin Max (V) Vin Typical (V) Vout Min (V) Vout Max (V)
PE99151 2 4.6 6 5 1 3.6
PE99151-DIE 2 4.6 6 5 1 3.6
PE99153 6 4.6 6 5 1 3.6
PE99153-DIE 6 4.6 6 5 1 3.6
PE99155 10 4.6 6 5 1 3.6
PE99155-DIE 10 4.6 6 5 1 3.6

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