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How BackPeddle Can Save Your Business From Social Media Disasters Via Acumor

BackPeddle For Social Media Do-Over
BackPeddle App For Social Media Do-Over

Did you ever wish that your small business could have a social media do-over? Thanks to a new app, BackPeddle, you have your chance. BusinessWire recently distributed a release about the new app.

And it appears that BackPeddle might be of use to businesses. After all, its makers say that the app gives users the chance to control the life cycle of anything they’ve posted on sites such as Twitter and Facebook.


With BackPeddle, users can control who sees their content, where that content is posted and for how long it can be viewed. Users with both iOS and Android phones can now download the app. It’s easy to see how this could help business owners. Maybe owners want only a small batch of their social media followers to see information about a sale or new product. With BackPeddle they can control who receives their messages. Or maybe they’d like to run a limited sale. With BackPeddle they can automatically schedule social media announcements that disappear after a set period of time.

What it does

According to BusinessWire, users can rely on BackPeddle to set a set amount of time that their content can be viewed before it expires and then disappears. Business owners can also take back any message or photo from any site. This requires just one click, according to BusinessWire. We all know that this can be a particularly useful tool for business owners. What if an employee posted an embarrassing message on a company Twitter, Facebook and Google+ page? Now companies can simply erase it from all sites with a single click.

Not foolproof

Of course, BackPeddle isn’t foolproof. Sure, business owners can instantly delete embarrassing photos or posts. But that doesn’t stop others from taking screen shots of all that embarrassing content. The best defense against a social media disaster? Owners still need to train their employees on how best to use sites such as Twitter and Facebook. And they need to clearly spell out what is and isn’t acceptable social media use.


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(Image Credit – Acumor)

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