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How Custom Cable Assemblies Help You Get Better Results

Cable Assembly Example
Cable Assembly Example

Partnering with a custom cable assemblies provider gives you the advantage of many different kinds of cabling materials and assembly techniques. This is largely due to the fact that these suppliers can use their buying power to get great deals from many different suppliers. No matter what type of electronics project you are responsible for designing and procuring parts for, outsourcing your cable and wire harness needs to a third-party, you can minimize inventory costs and get cable products designed to your exact specifications.

Customizable Design

One of the biggest benefits of finding a cabling partner is the ability to completely customize every aspect of your product’s internal wiring. For instance, if you want to customize your wiring, you can customize by color, or include a customized stripe or number printed on the jacket of the wire for easy identification. Additionally, you can customize materials for greater performance, durability, ruggedness, or cost effectiveness. Your options are virtually unlimited when it comes to getting the perfect product, regardless of the application.

Dedicated Account Management

Often your manufacturer will assign a design consultant to your account who helps provide solutions that integrate quickly and seamlessly into your production line. This account manager may also provide technical drawings and instructions for installing the cable, or even training for your manufacturing staff. In addition to that, they will be your point of contact when you need to re-order, or make adjustments to recurring orders.

Reduced Inventory Costs

In fact, you will likely find the performance of your production line optimized after finding the right cable manufacturing company to meet your needs. This is because the best providers are able to seamlessly integrate into your current manufacturing operations, including providing automatic reorders of completed wire parts, enabling you to reduce your raw materials cost. Additionally, since your technicians no longer have to go through the tedious process of assembling cables in house, your production and labor costs will be optimized for greater efficiency.

Easy Installation

In addition to being enabled to buy materials in a piecemeal fashion, or have them staged and pre-ordered so they are ready for rapid shipment and installation. All cable products that are shipped to you will be pre-tested for functionality, and shipped in kits that are ready and easy to install, along with complete technical instructions for how to do so. All assemblies will be staged and labeled so that installation is completely foolproof.

Online Order Management

Today’s order management technology provides even greater benefits for electronics producers of any kind due to the ability to place orders online. If your inventory system is so equipped, you may also gain an advantage from the automatic reorders, for seamless delivery of raw materials and parts, when your line needs them.

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Article Author: Rocky Rhodes

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