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Hyperloop High Speed Transportation Design Request For Feedback [VIDEO]

Mag Lev Concept circa 1912
Mag Lev Concept circa 1912

The man that brought us commercial space travel and long range electric vehicles is turning his attention to solving short range transportation challenges.

His latest concept is called “Hyperloop” and the expectation is that this new mode of high speed transportation will shuttle commuters from Los Angeles to San Francisco in under 30 minutes.

Asked to describe a Hyperloop, Musk said it would “resemble a cross between a Concorde and a railgun and an air-hockey table”.

What it isn’t, is a vacuum tunnel, a matter transporter nor a magnetic levitation (mag-lev) train.

During a recent appearance on “PandoDaily” with Sarah Lacy, Musk outlined the concept of the Hyperloop.

Some basic math for an approximately 350 mile trip in 30 minutes means an average speed of about 700 miles per hour, which is still in the sub-sonic range (768 MPH).

Musk plans on releasing the first phase design concept on August 12, 2013 and has asked for inputs and feedback from the community. CEO of the US High Speed Rail Association, Andy Kunz, shared his thoughts and Musk’s announcement as well as on the current plans for California’s high speed rail system:

I’m not sure what he’s going to come up with. These proposals look good on a website, but you got to get out and build some test tracks – Musk is a smart guy. Maybe he’s putting together something brilliant.

[High Speed Rail] is off the shelf technology, read to go, proven. We’re promoting what we can build today. We need this now. We don’t want [Hyperloop] to be a distraction.

Feel free to include your ideas in the comments below as to what you think the new “fifth form” of transportation will be – the first four are boats, planes, trains and automobiles.

No word yet on how long the wait for security or TSA will be.

(Image Credit – Microsoft Free Images)

(Video Credit – PandoDaily )

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