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Important IT Tools Every Company Should Use

A business is full of a ton of different moving parts, each with their own unique responsibilities. While each and every area is important in their own right, there is no doubting that the IT department of your company is at or near the top of the list. As businesses use more technology and software systems, the role of IT departments is growing.

As a result, having a good IT team is incredibly important. They will ensure every software and system is working correctly and the downtime you experience is limited. Downtime is one of the worst possible things for your business, as it can cost you over $100k for a single hour.

While having a good team is great, it often isn’t enough. You need to be sure to provide that great team with helpful tools to make their jobs more streamlined and efficient. With that in mind, this article is going to look at a few important IT tools that every company should have in their repertoire.


A Tool for Monitoring Configuration

No matter what their purpose is at your business, various applications and systems are always changing and being updated. Unfortunately, keeping track of these changes can be tough and quite time consuming. If an issue arises after some of the changes, it can be a lengthy and annoying process to navigate the changes to try and find the issue.

But fear not, configuration monitoring tools exist and can help you keep track of all the changes that have taken place and many will even give you an alert when something has changed. They simplify this complicated process for IT professionals so they don’t need to spend hours researching new changes or seeing what they do.


A Tool for Monitoring and Managing Logs

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Nearly every sort of software and system that you use will create a log. Logs are time-stamped documentation of all events that are relative to the system. Logs can be monitored and looked back on for reference at any time. Unfortunately, with most companies producing a large amount of logs, manually searching through them to find an error or specific event is next to impossible.

Thankfully, there are log management and monitoring tools that can make this process a lot easier. These tools will automatically monitor your logs and be able to quickly identify and alert you of any issues, and will make searching for events much easier. In addition to helping with security, error identification and reduction, log management is also quite important for maintaining compliance.


An Enterprise Content Management Tool

One of the single most important parts of a modern business is to be able to safely and securely store and organize the information of your business. Also, it is just as (if not more) important to keep your customer and client information safe. In the past, companies would use file folders and filing cabinets, but this method is outdated, unsafe and takes up a lot of space.

Instead, why not utilize an enterprise content management tool? These tools can help you capture all of your physical records and transfer them to digital records. The tool can also manage these records to ensure everything is organized just as you like it. Not only is storing records online more safe and secure, but it also makes locating certain records much quicker and simpler.

IT is without a doubt one of the most important areas of your business. IT teams are often expected to handle a lot for many companies, so by offering them some tools, you make their jobs more efficient and easier, which will definitely be appreciated.

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