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Important Tech Trends for 2014

Top Tech Trends 2014
Top Tech Trends 2014

Here are some of the top tech trends that are likely to influence business in 2014.

Mobile Devices Will Be Even More Important

With the release of the so-called “phablets”, hybrids between smartphones and tablets, 2014 looks like it will be even more reliant on mobile devices of all shapes and sizes. While laptops and desktop computers will still remain in use, use of tablets and smartphones is expected to increase significantly. Most likely, people will invest in additional devices rather than outmoding old ones. Currently, Business Insider lists the most likely developments in these mobile devices to be longer battery life, larger more flexible screens, faster Internet access, and increased interconnectedness.

Cross-Platform Programs Will Become More Popular

Tech Crunch referred to 2013 as the Year of the App. Now the experts are predicting that 2014 will be the Year of the Cross-Platform Programs. With the increase in mobile devices, these cross-platform programs automatically become more vital to business and individual success. It’s expensive to buy programs separately for every device that you own. So software companies that want to get ahead of the game can start making themselves more competitive by offering cross-platform programs. Evernote, for instance is already taking advantage of this. It is one of the most comprehensive note taking and organizing programs available, but what makes it so popular is the fact that you can use it on just about any electronic device from your smartphone to your desktop. The addition of this feature will make some programs more popular than ever while consigning others to the back shelves of software stores.

Cloud Storage Will Become More Important and More Secure

There was a significant increase in cloud storage usage in 2013. According to Tweak Your Biz, cloud storage has faced a number of challenges this past year in developing its protocols and maintaining security. A number of industry experts still maintain their concerns about the security of cloud storage. But with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, EA Games, and other businesses transitioning purchases for electronic items onto cloud storage, it’s unlikely that cloud storage is going to go anywhere. Instead, cloud storage will become more important as people come to expect it. Most likely, the cloud storage programs will start becoming more secure as the various providers try to separate themselves from the competition.

More Businesses Will Make Their Own Apps

Tech Crunch also predicts that more businesses will be making their own apps in 2014. In fact, the ability to create apps has increased so much in 2013 that this particular prediction is almost a guarantee. Developing an app is no longer as complicated as it used to be, and businesses now have total control over what the app accomplishes, the information it collects, and more.

In preparing for 2014, it’s important to know what the trends are likely to be, particularly in the area of technology. Technology helps form a number of business decisions and strategies. In 2014, mobile device usage will most likely increase. Cross-platform programs will also become more popular because of this increase in mobile device usage. At the same time cloud storage is going to become more important, and, as businesses try to differentiate the services they offer in this department, the cloud storage options will likely become more secure. Additionally, more businesses will also be developing their own apps as the software to develop these becomes less expensive and more user-friendly.

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