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Ins And Outs of Roku IOS Application

Contributed by Emily Heming

Developing With Roku
Developing With Roku

The mobile technology is flourishing with blazingly high pace. It has enabled the end-users to accomplish their simple or complex tasks with utmost convenience, without compromising on their luxury.

The emergence of Smartphones has initiated a fierce competition between several popular bandwagons and delivered amazing results to the consumers. To say that the Apple iPhones are the popular Smartphones would be an understatement; in fact, it is the forerunner of the touchscreen industry. Observing the growth and popularity of Apple iOS, it can be said that it has a brilliant future ahead. There is no dearth of iOS applications in the Apple App store. You can easily find one to meet your needs.

With the advancement in technology, today, there are truckloads of applications that facilitate user to even control their gadgets and devices with ease. The Roku is another such app that allows iOS users to handle their gadgets via their handy mobile devices.

Roku is a brand that manufactures Roku Streaming Player that is the series of set-top boxes. It features a channel store from where you can manage your channel list. This popular device has more than one million viewers and its growing popularity has encouraged the company to head towards an iOS application to help its consumers to easily access and operate Roku via their iOS device.

Let’s have a look at some of the amazing features of the Roku application.

Launch your favorite channel instantly with this app.
Facilitates users to access their Roku TV or Roku media player via iOS mobile device, it thus brings comfort at customer’s fingertips.
You can customize your search as the way you want; whether one wants to search for a specific show, movie, director or cast, they can easily view the desirable content on their Roku Streaming Stick that is, HDMI version and TV.
Conveniently enter the text (for making searches, etc.) via your device’s keyboard.

The Roku channel store offers over twelve hundred channels, so you can easily browse the available list, add desirable one and rate them.
You can assign different names for multiple Roku Players and TVs, and easily switch between them.

You can also configure it to connect with various streaming services, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and DirectTV. You will need to have an account with each of these providers in order to access the content (fyi – see more here about DirectTV bundles / pricing).

Moreover, you can also stream your iPhone media including, images, music, video, etc., on the connected Roku TV or player. This is feature is available for only Roku 2, Roku 3, Roku HD, Roku LT, Roku Streaming Stick and Roku TV.

The latest version that is, Roku 3.1.2 is designed to allow users to directly access their Roku TV functions. With this version, you can set a desirable volume with the physical volume buttons on your device. One just needs to tap a channel for tuning to that channel. Its home screen page facilitates one to access the configured input to the connected Roku device.

How to use this application
For making the application operable, first you will need to connect your iOS device and the Roku player or TV to the same network; while establishing a connection, it may ask you to login to your Roku account.

However, if your app doesn’t recognize your Roku TV or player, you can navigate to the Network setup of the Roku player to wake it up on the home network, and again try to connect via the Roku app. Doing, so you will be able to reap the amazing features of this application.

If you would rather just plug-an-play, you can always purchase already configured consumer media streaming stick, including Roku, Nvidia Shield and Amazon Fire.

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