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Is Apple Working On A Curved Screen For The iPhone? Via Acumor

Curved iPhone Screen Coming?
Curved iPhone Screen Coming?

Are the rumors true? Is Apple really developing a large iPhone that boasts a curved display? No one knows for sure. But ZDNet writer Adrian Kingsley-Hughes in a recent online post speculated about such plans. He wondered if it makes sense for Apple to chase after a market already mostly cornered by Samsung and LG.

Future plans?

Kingsley-Hughes cited comments made by Bloomberg News that Apple is developing iPhone designs that include bigger screens with curved glass and sensors that can detect different levels of pressure. How big will these curved screens be? According to the Bloomberg stories, the new phones will have screen sizes of 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches. This is much bigger than the current iPhone’s 4-inch screen. And the glass will curve downward at the edges, according to the rumors.

Too familiar?

Kingsley-Hughes wonders if these plans are too similar to what Samsung has already done. Its Galaxy Note 3 boasts a 5.7-inch display. Samsung’s Round and LG’s G Flex — though both of these are only available in South Korea — already feature curved screens.

Pros and cons

Does such a move make sense for Apple? On the pro side, Kingsley-Hughes says that curved screens would differentiate the iPhone from other smartphones on the market. At the same time, Apple lags in the large-screen market, a problem that these screens can alleviate. Curved screens also minimize glare. On the con side, Kingsley-Hughes writes, curved screens are largely a gimmick and offer little real benefit. At the same time, there is no proven market for smartphones with curved screens.


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