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What Is Machine To Machine Video Analytics?

Uses For Machine Vision
Uses For Machine Vision

At the forefront of technological advancements are additional capabilities that can truly benefit a business. These functionalities were not feasible before, when everything used to be done manually.

However, the rapid improvement of technology has made everything automated, thanks to the machine to machine interactions of various capabilities.

One of the fields that truly had a big leap forward was in videos and video analytics. Previously, video analysis would require massive amounts of manual labor as systems would only be able to record video (and poor quality video at that). However, thanks to the advancements, video recording has improved clarity and analysis is now being handled by different systems. This kind of interaction between video recording systems, analysis of whatever was captured, and informing those who would benefit from the information is basically what Machine to Machine video analytics is all about.

Understanding Machine to Machine video analytics:

Machine to Machine plays with the idea of interactions through connected devices. When we apply this to video analytics, it enables its users to combine video surveillance and video analytics into one.

Through the machine to machine video analytics, firms would be able to get real time insights and analysis as to how what they are capturing are acting. This would enable them to easily manage or push reactionary measures to how they would like to handle the situation.

This is in stark contrast to previous methods wherein you are only able to capture the event or the situation but would be left with having to find solutions or answers after the fact. The problem with this setup is that it might mean lost opportunities for your business, or even an untoward situation could have been prevented still happened.

What can machine to machine video analytics do?

So what exactly can one do with machine to machine video analytics? There are usually two main thrusts: Security and marketing. in Here are some of these functionalities that could truly help a firm:

Marketing features of the system:

People counting:

The system is able to measure the traffic in an area. This could be used to optimize the allocation of working staff, or even measure the sales vis-à-vis the number of people that actually went inside the store.

Human traffic flow and Crowd Density:

Aside from counting the number of people that visit your store, the analytics system can also be used to actually track the path that are taken by the visitors. You can surmise where they pass and determine which spots of the store are good for placing products.

It can also track which areas of your store are having more people come into them. You can then determine that these are high traffic or high activity areas and know that these are premium spots in your store.


The system is also advanced enough that it can actually break down the demographics of your consumers. You would be able to determine consumer profiles which could help in better targeting products.

Security features of the system:

Perimeter checking and counting:

You can also set up the system to inform your security team that there are areas in the store that should have no people. If these boundaries are crossed, the system will send an alert that there are those who have breached the perimeter.

The system can also be setup do count the number of people who visit the area before sending an alert. This would be better for you to manage high security areas without having to eliminate access altogether.

Camera Tampering:

The advanced setup of the machine to machine video analytics system can also handle determining if all the cameras are working perfectly or if they have blind spots, or their views are being blocked.

How machine to machine video analytics helps:

As you can see, having a machine to machine video analytics system allows a firm to increase the effectiveness of their video surveillance system. With the automated alerts, they are able to have real time data available which would enable them to easily adjust to situations as they developed.

Aside from this, the data gathered by such a powerful setup can help increase sales and improve the return on investment when it comes to their marketing campaigns.

Article Source: EzineArticles by Author Shine Manson .


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