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Many Of The Best Programmers Work In Poland

Poland is a fast developing country, and one of the fields in which they are able to catch up with the West is IT services, including programming. They are currently among the world leading outsourcers of software development services, and our position is still getting stronger on the market.

What factors have contributed to the success of Polish programmers? First of all, technological universities, which have very good information technology programs and concentrate both on the theory and practice. In addition, in recent years Poland has also introduced the elements of programming in the curriculum of primary and high schools in order to educate the youngest generation, who will hopefully allow the country to maintain its position.

Polish specialists are ambitious and they know that in order to achieve success they have to work hard and their work must comply with the highest quality standards. And this is the main factor that distinguishes the programmers from Poland – they write high quality code to make the applications and programs easy to modify and develop. Foreign companies value this feature very much, and they outsource the software development services to Poland more and more frequently, as they know the products they’ll get will be excellent.

Due to the fact that an increasing number of foreign companies use the services of Polish IT enterprises, the local specialists are able to get to know how their foreign colleagues work and what type of projects are carried out abroad. This is a source of valuable knowledge and experience, and they can also count on the support of experts from around the world. This enables them to engage in multinational undertakings more boldly.

The skills of Polish IT specialists have been already recognized, for instance by the service HackerRank, which has published the ranking of the best programmers, where they have taken the third place. This constitutes another confirmation that Polish experts stand out with their competence.

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