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Meet the Best Robots of the Year 2014

Japanese Robot Kirobo
Japanese Robot Kirobo

They are not the same gadgets you look for in the technological community of today. They are not like the popular Apple devices iPhone 5 and iPad 4. They are capable of doing so much more.


The first robot ever to utter a word in space is called Kirobo. It isn’t like the alien robots in the movie Transformers that speaks with a baritone voice. Kirobo is more like the child version of those gigantic robot aliens.

The droid measures thirteen (13) inches in height and will be accompanying the men from the International Space Station in their rounds of the planet Earth for about a year and a half. Kirobo’s first message before it flew to space was, “Robots take their first step for a future of hope.”

As Kirobo was built by the geniuses of Japan, the robot’s native language, if you will, is Japanese. Even so, the robot is capable of other languages as well if the space crew members find it hard to converse with it. Nevertheless, Kirobo’s presence will surely entertain the crew and relieve them of the gravity of the tasks they are assigned to accomplish out there.

Kirobo is a conversational companion robot that has the ability to process natural language coupled with its voice-recognition software supplied by Toyota. Tomotaka Takahashi of Robo-Garage and his fellow mates are the makers of Kirobo.


The robot that helps out humanity in a whole other level is called DON-8r. The first robots built have been a peach to people in a number of ways and we in turn, have been a grateful bunch. This time around, we may be indebted to them. DON-8r is the robot designed to help out charities and collect funds for those who need them the most.

DON-8r was built by the Dundee Science Center as their innovative means to not only gather attention but also, hopefully, cash as well. DON-8r is able to move around through public spaces including shopping centers where there are most people. The energy utilized for its movement comes from the number of coins it receives which of course goes directly to the charity it is servicing for.


Can’t seem to let go of your smartphone? Have it approach you instead. How? You only have to get your very own Romo! It is actually a smartphone accessory designed to fit to your smartphone perfectly and give back the childhood friend you’ve never had. It will accompany you through thick and thin; learn and grow up with you, if you still haven’t. You can spend all the days of the week and it will gladly be of company to you. Romo is like a remote-controlled car only it is capable of speaking with you. Like the geeky Furby, the more you play with it, the quicker it will learn. It can be controlled by a Wi-Fi enabled computer or iOS device.

Romo can also be your practice ground for baby-sitting, well not entirely. Even so, it’s as good a company as anything else to cure you from the pains of boredom!

Source: EzineArticles by Author Harold Marshall . Harry is a resident of the humble state of New Jersey. He lives with his lovely wife in a suburban household where he has always pictured family life. Just recently, he worked as the co-editor in a publishing firm in New Jersey. At present, he is a part-time blogger for Ecell Global.


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