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Membrane Switch Keypads – Different Types Of Backlighting

Backlit Membrane Panel
Backlit Membrane Panel

Living in the age of technology, there are many things that we take for granted but which are actually quite revolutionary. Of such things, one important one is the Membrane Switch Keypad, which is quite a common thing these days.

Wherever you look – you will see an appliance or an equipment/device which is making use of these Membrane Switch Keypads; Whether it is your TV/AC/Audio equipment remote, Laptop keyboard, Electronics, home appliances, or most any other gadget.

In this article, the topic of discussion is going to be the common Types Of Backlighting Used In Membrane Switch Keypads. Backlighting not only improves the utility of the keypads but also adds to their appeal factor.

Membrane Switch Keypads: Different Types Of Backlighting

  • Type 1 – LEDs – Today, LEDs are quite commonly used for the purpose of Backlighting Membrane Switch Keypads. LEDs are quite an effective means of lighting small areas on a keypad. Using LEDs for Backlighting is quite cost-effective.
  • Type 2 – Phosphorescent Inks – Most of us would have encountered the use of such Phosphorescent Inks in one device or the other at some point. Using Phosphorescent Inks for backlighting is quite a low cost option. This proves to be a great feature in low light environments. The biggest drawback of these inks is that they tend to fade quickly if not exposed to light regularly.
  • Type 3 – Electroluminescent Panel – This is yet another technique of Backlighting Membrane Switch Keypads in which an Electroluminescent Panel is used. Owing to design flexibility, this technology is best suited to the membrane switch industry. The thin Electroluminescent Panel can be easily incorporated into the keypad design and provides an even lighting. Large areas can be easily illuminated by using the Electroluminescent Panel. Also, incorporating the Electroluminescent Panel in the keypad design can be quite an expensive venture.
  • Type 4 – Fiber Optics – This is the latest technology to be introduced as far as Backlighting inMembrane Switch Keypads is concerned. Though a costly backlighting alternative, Fiber Optics have a long life – considerably more than other types of backlighting.

Source: ArticleBase by Author Lorry Lou.

These are the different Types of backlighting alternatives available in a Membrane Switch Keypad. When it comes to high performance Membrane Switch Keypads – RSP Inc is the best name to consider. With over 30 years experience in Membrane Switch Keypad Manufacturing, the company has successfully served a long list of clientele till date. RSP Inc is also listed as a reliable Custom Membrane SwitchManufacturer. Other products offered include – Printed Graphics, Silicone Keypad, Plastic Molding, Touch Screens, Circuit Boards, etc.


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