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Multicore Developers Conference Registration Still Open

Multicore Developers Conference
Multicore Developers Conference

Coming to the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Santa Clara, CA the Multicore Developers Conference is being held on May 21st and 22nd, 2013.

The focus for this year is  “resolving the technical aspects and business challenges of designing with multicore processors”.

There are still some Exhibits Only free passes available from select sponsors and exhibitors – please check with them directly for the promotional codes. If you have not yet signed up, the registration pricing is:

  • Early Bird Discount – $495 if received by May 17, 2013.
  • Full-time Students and Professors – $95.
  • Full Price -registrations received after May 17, 2013 or at the door will be $795

Markus Levy, Multicore Developers Conference Chairman, has this to say regarding multicore technology and the upcoming event:

As we prepare for the 8th Annual Multicore Developers Conference, it’s interesting to reflect on the evolution of the industry towards the adoption of multicore technology. Certainly, multicore has become the norm – in both embedded and high-performance computing. Definitely, the focus of multicore now encompasses homogeneous and heterogeneous perspectives, as well as the infinite array of cores in many-core devices. Decidedly, both hardware and software vendors have crafted imaginative solutions to enable easier-to-use and higher-performance multicore implementations.

Despite this incredible evolution, there’s still much more to learn about the ways in which system developers can utilize the full benefits of multicore devices. A large percentage of this learning relates directly to application-specific design characteristics, whether it be for smart phones, networking and LTE equipment, automobiles, or supersonic fighter jets. On the other hand, regardless of the application, there are many general techniques and concepts that would benefit every system developer. Furthermore, with such an abundance of available multicore solutions, it has become ever so difficult to select the right product to do the job.

As we’ve done since the inception of Multicore Developers Conference, we will once again bring you state-of-the-art technical sessions and panel discussions spanning the gamut of domain-specific and general techniques. You’ll also have the opportunity to hear from leading industry VIPs who will provide you with authoritative perspectives on how multicore processor technology will affect your business and product development, and help us look into the future of what multicore will bring.

The Multicore Developers Conference is targeted at 7 key embedded application areas:

  •     Android
  •     Automotive
  •     Medical
  •     Military/Aerospace
  •     Security
  •     Smartphones and Tablets
  •     Networking and Telecom

This year, the Multicore Developers Conference has numerous Keynote speakers, CTO talks and Industry Analysts on hand to provide concise and insightful sessions regarding the industry and the technology. The goal is to for attendees to learn and become experts in the following areas:

  •  Applying virtualization technology
  • Debug and Trace
  • Legacy migration
  • SoC design methodologies
  • Software design strategies
  • Performance analysis and optimization

The Keynote speakers will start the two days with the following talks:

  • May 21st – The Forks in the Multicore Road: Multicore Directions in the Next Decade
  • May 22nd – The Emerging Future of Multicore Software: Evolving from Desktop Multicore to Embedded Multicore Software

Throughout the conference Industry Analysts will be addressing topics such as:

  • Achieving Maximum System Performance With Manycore Network Processors: Homegrown or Off-The-Shelf?
  • Heterogeneous Multicore in Mobile Applications
  • How Operating Systems and Tools Will Face the Many Software Challenges of Manycore
  • Multicore chips – Have we Created a Monster?
  • Power in Small Places: The Inevitability of Embedded HPC
  • Software RULES the World

To truly become an expert in this field, it’s necessary to have a both a deep and broad understanding of the various aspects of the technology. Below are just some of the many tracks that are available for registered attendees:

  • Cache Optimizing Real-Time, Multicore Systems
  • Integrating High Performance Security Stacks on Multicore Processors
  • Look where OpenCL is now!
  • Maximizing the Benefits of Multicore with Multi-OS Architecture
  • Multicore Software Development Practices for Embedded Systems
  • Optimizing Mobile Platform Benchmark Scores – Does it Translate to Actual User Experience?
  • Understanding, Partitioning, and Accelerating Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) Applications with Multicore SoCs
  • Using MCA Interfaces to Enable High-Level Programming for Embedded Systems
  • Virtual Platform Based Software Debug & Testing for Multiprocessor/Multicore Systems
  • An Innovative Multicore System Architecture for Next Generation Wireless SoCs
  • Can Parallel Programming for Multicore be as Simple as Sequential Programming?
  • Challenges and Misperceptions in Analyzing Multicore Systems
  • Early Prototyping and Optimization of Embedded Multicore Subsystems
  • Fabric Interconnect Technology Enable Large Scale Multicore System Design
  • Leveraging on the Nexus 5001 Debug Standard for Debugging Manycore Systems
  • Maxing Out Performance of Your Multicore Device
  • Multicore Systems in the Light of Aerospace Safety Regulations
  • Network Intelligence on a Chip
  • NoC Power Management Techniques for Advanced Multicore Systems
  • Mastering the Multicore Software Challenge (Tutorial)

The  8th Annual Multicore Developers Conference is a must attend event for developers and implementers of this technology.

For more information on upcoming electronics and technical conferences, please refer to:

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(Image Credit – MultiCore )

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