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Near Field Communications Smart Ring Unlocks Possibilities

NFC Smart Ring Unlocks Possibilities
NFC Smart Ring Unlocks Possibilities

Gollum would have traded his “precious” for this new Near Field Communications (NFC) ring. While the NFC Ring won’t extend your life, it does do a number of amazing things. First, a little bit about the technology behind this almost magical device.

Near Field Communications, referred to as “contactless” communication, allows two devices to communicate with each other when the are within about 1.5 inches (4 cm) from each other. Data rates max out at 424 kbps. A chip from Infineon handles security and communications; Since it’s a passive device, there is no need for batteries which keeps the ring light and thin.

The most common application over the last decade has been for card readers like security cards to access buildings or garages. As costs came down, and other infrastructure became available, the uses expanded to marketing applications (e.g., smart business cards, smart posters) and consumer applications (e.g., payments). Apple pioneered the NFC payment method with its Apple Pay built into it’s iPhones, iPads and Apple Watch.

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The NFC Ring adds another level of applications to what you get from your phone. For example, with just a touch of your (ring) finger, you can:

  • make payments
  • access control
  • unlock & control mobile devices
  • transfer information
  • link people

To differentiate between accessing public versus private devices, the ring has two separate NFC tags built in. One is dedicated to general purpose and the other for more sensitive matters. For example, you can install a NFC enabled door lock on your house and never have to worry about being locked out again.

From the makers of NFC Ring on data sharing and transfers:

You can use your NFC Ring to share Wifi information, links to websites, links to pictures, contact information or whatever you think is suitable to be passed securely to your friends smartphone’s and tablets.

You can also use your NFC Ring to start apps with custom settings (parameters) which makes it even easier to use your device. How about turning wifi or bluetooth on for example, at the swipe of a hand?

 NFC Ring (Amazon – $59.99) is available in various sizes.

Samsung Digital Door Lock SHS-2920 (Amazon – $98.90)

See here for more information on the pricing.

If you, or your significant other, is really into tech, there is one final thing you may want to use this for – an engagement / wedding band. It does come in a very attractive ceramic carbon fiber black, and soon to be released white and rose colors. Enjoy!

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