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Network Infrastructure Services: Five Benefits Of Server Virtualization

Cloud Server Benefits
Cloud Server Benefits

In server virtualization, cloud software is used to locate one or more cloud-based servers on a single physical unit. Prior to cloud technology, companies were bound to purchase unit after unit as they grew the network infrastructure. Today, cloud technology allows them to truncate hardware expansion as the IT system grows. If your company hasn’t explored the option of virtualizing some of its servers, below are five benefits it can receive from doing so.

Reduced Hardware Costs

The most obvious benefit of virtualization is the reduced need to purchase new IT equipment. Instead of the number of servers growing, the number decreases. Considering the high cost of mid-class and enterprise-class IT equipment, the practice of locating hardware resources in an onsite or offsite service cloud is a reliable way to decrease hardware costs over time.

Decreased Hardware Maintenance Costs

The fewer pieces of hardware a company maintains, the less it spends on hardware maintenance. In many cases, the number of owned servers are swiftly reduced, resulting in significantly lower maintenance costs within the first quarter of application. If your company needs to trim network infrastructure expenses, server virtualization is a viable option.

Decreased Payroll Cost

When a company significantly decreases the number of server units it maintains, it may also have the option of decreasing the number of technicians and administrators on staff, especially if a third party maintains the service cloud. Some businesses have realized a six-figure reduction in payroll costs as a result of virtualizing units and outsourcing the service cloud to a third party.

Increased Work Space

Virtualization can result in a decreased need for onsite data silos, particularly when a third party maintains the service cloud. In some instances, companies can even add new workstations to departments as existing silos are retired. If the presence of data silos is cutting into your company’s workspace, migrating the data to a service cloud is an excellent option.

Chance to Sell Used IT Equipment

As you retire servers and data silos that are no longer needed, you can sell them to buyers of pre-owned IT equipment. Even if the equipment has been used for several years, the chance of finding a buyer is high, especially if the equipment is a major brand such as IBM, HP, Intel or Cisco. Selling used IT equipment is an excellent way to mitigate the costs associated with virtualization.


Reduced hardware cost, decreased hardware maintenance cost, decreased payroll cost, increased workspace, and the opportunity to sell used IT equipment are some of the benefits companies receive from server virtualization. To find out whether virtualization would be a good option for your company, contact a provider of network infrastructure services today.

Source: GoArticles by Author Ruby Stein at Corus360; A technology consulting and solutions company offering IT professional services and expertise in countless areas of business technology. If a company doesn’t have in house IT professional service, it should use an IT professional service company to assist with disaster recovery.


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