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New Able2Extract with PDF Signatures and AI-Powered PDF to Excel

Able2Extract Professional made our list of must check out tools for dealing with PDF documents because of its versatility. It contains features that can help users with almost any PDF task they could possibly have:

  • Convert Scanned and Native PDF
  • Custom PDF To Excel Conversion
  • Create Secure PDF Files
  • Edit PDF Text and Pages
  • Fill-in, Create, Edit PDF Forms
  • PDF Annotation

The company just released version 14.0 and the software now comes with two new major features to add to the list: the ability to sign PDF documents and train AI-powered templates for custom PDF to Excel conversions.

If you had experience with Able2Extract before, you’ll love how these new features give your PDF workflow a boost.

We were able to explore them a bit for you just weeks after the release. Here’s what you have to look forward to in Able2Extract Professional 14.

Sign PDFs Electronically

The latest version of this software has focused on document security and added PDF signatures on top of the already existing security features it has. You can add signature images to your PDF files. The software makes it intuitive. You can either type (you’re provided with a choice of fonts and text color), draw (with a mouse or stylus) or import your signature image file.


Sign PDFs Digitally

For those of you who need to meet higher security standards, Able2Extract also allows you to digitally sign PDFs with a cryptographic signature. If you have a digital certificate you wish to use when you sign your PDF document, the software will detect all available certificates that are designed for signing documents from an external USB token. You can simply select and confirm the certificate and you are all set.

Verify Digital PDF Signatures

This PDF signatures feature is surprisingly well-rounded. Not only do you get to sign PDFs, but you also get to verify PDF cryptographic signatures. Able2Extract gives you an at-a-glance status indicator with a colored padlock icon that lets you know if the PDF is valid (green), has issues (orange) or isn’t valid at all (red).

You can also double check the information that comes with digital signature in the side panel. Just click on it and you can verify who signed it, when it was signed, and if the content has been changed since a signature was added.


AI-Powered Templates

This new version has artificial intelligence technology included. Yes, you read that right. It works with the software’s custom PDF to Excel feature and its custom Excel templates. Well, now you can train those Excel templates with the newly added AI technology.


  • Smart Templates: Instant Table Selection – These templates are trained on 5-10 sample PDFs that have the table structure you want. You essentially create and refine your custom Excel template by opening, adjusting and re-saving the custom Excel template repeatedly on your samples.


So when you come across those same table structures in another PDF, you can upload that Smart Template and the software will identify and select all the matching tables in the PDF for you automatically, regardless of the table’s size or location in the PDF.

  • Master Templates: Batch PDF to Excel Conversion – The concept of AI trained templates works in Batch conversion mode, as well. Master Templates are also trained on 5-10 sample PDFs, but they’re trained in Batch mode.


A Master Template can be applied to the corresponding PDFs lined up for a batch conversion. The software will use the Master Templates to distinguish between the PDFs in queue, identify the tables you want from them, and, with a click of a button, convert them into Excel for you. As a result, you get only the tables you need from multiple PDFs into Excel.


If you’ve already tried this tool out, you won’t have a hard time getting familiar with how to access the side panel or the custom Excel templates feature.

The software, despite the new additions, is the same price at $149.95 USD, which, if you consider the cost of Adobe Acrobat, is a bargain for what you get in one installation.

There’s even a 30-day subscription if you want it, but don’t want to commit to the full license price.

And if you’re still on the fence about buying the software after those two options, you can test it out for free for 7 days with their free trial.

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