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The next five years of tech innovation, according to IBM Via Acumor

IBM Tech Predictions
IBM Tech Predictions

Each year, IBM releases its technology predictions for the next five years. It’s a much anticipated happening, and this year Forbes columnist Greg Satell had a look at many of the tech innovator’s major predictions. What will the next five years hold for technology? Here’s a brief look at what might happen, according to IBM.

High-tech classrooms

It’s a problem: U.S. school children are slipping behind their global peers, particularly in the important areas of math and science. IBM, though, sees a solution: tech-savvy classrooms. As Satell writes, IBM predicts that teachers will become more skilled in their use of classroom technology to reach a greater number of their students. Presently, even though many students receive an excellent education, way too many others are left behind. IBM predicts that technology will change this.

High-tech retailers

Online shopping is blossoming. But IBM predicts even more impressive retail technology in the next five years. As outlined by Satell’s column, the tech giant says that retailers will make use of tech to send information directly to your smartphone about the products you’re looking for. If you want a new pair of boots, your chosen retailer can tell your smartphone exactly what products in your shoe size are in stock. Then you can send a message to the sales staff conveying what boots you would like to take a look at.

Medicine gets smarter

Personalized medicine is coming in the next five years, according to IBM. This is really important: Different people react differently to different medicines. IBM predicts that soon doctors will sequence your DNA in a day. The doctor can then access cloud-based systems that offer medicine recommendations using the most up-to-date clinical and research information.


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