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What is Plastic Injection Molding?

WilloMD Plastic Injection Molding Unit
WilloMD Plastic Injection Molding Unit

Injection Molding is the most common method employed in the plastic manufacturing industry. This involves the injection of molten plastic into a mold of the required material shape. After cooling and solidification, the material is taken out of the mold and the process is continued like this. Injection Molding Process has been really helpful in producing a comprehensive range of part designs with intricate details. Different details such as threads, hinges and springs can be produced in a single operation of Injection Molding Process.

Benefits of Plastic Injection Molding

  • Design flexibility
  • Minimum scrap losses
  • Low finishing costs
  • Time saving
  • Repeatability within tolerances

Plastic Injection Molding Process Plastic is a synthetic material derived by processing a wide range of organic polymers. Most commonly two types of plastics are available: thermoplastics and thermosets. Thermosets undergo a chemical reaction when they are heated and cannot be resoftened once they are formed. While thermoplastics can be ground up and reheated repetitively. Hence, in most of the Plastic Injection Molding Processes thermoplastics are used. The four main elements influencing the Injection Molding Process are:

  • Molder
  • Material
  • Injection molding machine
  • Mold

The Injection Molding machine and the mold are the most varied and mechanically diverse of the four elements. As compared to the traditional hydraulic models which have three platens, newer versions have two platens and are electrically operated. Ranging from table top models to the size of small houses, horizontal and vertical models are available too. The Injection System can be either reciprocating screw type or two stage screw type. Other components of it are hopper, heated injection barrel covering the screw, injection cylinder and hydraulic motor.

The major function of the system is to heat the thermoplastics to a proper viscosity and inject them into the mold. With the rotation of the screw, the resin entered in the injection barrel is moved forward. During this movement, resin is melted by frictional heat and supplementary heating of the barrel covering the screw. The screw having three distinct zones further process the resin before actual injection. After processing, the resin is injected into a mold to form the desired shape objects.

RSP, Inc. is a well-known Manufacturer based in China and offers a comprehensive range of products. The offerings of the company include Custom Membrane Switches, PCB switches, Touch Screens, Plastic Injection Molding and many more. It has made a mark in the industry for not only manufacturing precision materials but also in contract manufacturing, turnkey assembly and packaging. It is also counted amongst the leading Silicone Rubber Keypad Suppliers in China.

Source: ArticleBase by Author Lorry Luo .

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